Westmont Professor Brings Jesus' Miracles to Life

Westmont Philosophy Professor Jim Taylor will speak on “Jesus’ Miracles and Christian Belief” at 7 p.m. Sept. 27 in Hieronymus Lounge, Westmont.

Taylor’s talk is the Paul C. Wilt Phi Kappa Phi Lecture for fall semester. Religious studies Professor Bruce Fisk and philosophy Professor Bob Wennberg will respond.

Taylor will discuss why Christians believe that Jesus is God and that he performed miracles by presenting arguments he finds most persuasive.

“I argue that it is reasonable to believe that Jesus performed the miracles attributed to him by the Gospel writers,” Taylor said. “My defense of this claim requires that I also argue (a) that miracles are possible, (b) that it can be reasonable to believe that a miracle has occurred, (c) that a good historical argument can make it reasonable to believe that a particular miracle story is true, and (d) that it is reasonable to believe that the miracle stories in the Gospels are true.”

The lecture is free and open to the public.

Hieronymus Lounge is in Kerrwood Hall, the main administration building on the upper Westmont campus. For directions, visit www.westmont.edu. For more information, contact the public affairs office at (805) 565-7057 or pubaffairs@westmont.edu.