Quick Response Suppresses the Cold Fire

The fire department quickly suppressed the Cold Fire, which broke out northeast of campus about noon today. Fire officials described it as a two-acre, slow-growth vegetation fire at the top of Cold Spring Trail. Favorable weather conditions, including little wind, have helped firefighters.

The fire department has lifted all evacuation orders, and all roads are now open. Cold Spring Road was closed for several hours to keep people out of the mandatory evacuation zone, which was northeast of campus.

The Cold Fire never presented a threat to Westmont, but the Situation Readiness and Response Team met and monitored the situation closely, keeping the campus community informed of the latest updates. The team will continue to communicate with fire officials until the fire is completely out.

In the unlikely event the fire worsens and threatens campus, the team will immediately implement the college’s fire response plan, which calls for the entire campus community to report to Murchison Gym to shelter in place.


  1. Kris Placencia says:

    When my freshman daughter texted me and said there was a fire near Westmont, I of course became a little nervous and anxious to get the facts. What a relief to be able to go to your website and immediately see there was no threat. Thank you for this!

  2. Julia Kanner says:

    Praise the Lord! Bless the Lord oh my soul/Oh my soul! I praise You, God, of earth and sky!

    Thank you for blessing us and letting the fire not pose danger.

    Thank you for providing us with fireman and technology to keep us informed.

    Thank you. You are AMAZING God! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Westmont, for posting accurate and timely information regarding the fires close to the school. As a parent, I appreciate being able to check the website for current information.
    Julianne Gentry Photography

  4. Katharine Sievers says:

    The Tea Fire of 4 years ago seems like yesterday….that experience is not one we would want our current Freshman to live through like her sister (and everybody else) did! So thankful for the hopeful information Westmont sends out. Our God is not surpassed in His power and care!

  5. Laura Wilson says:

    Thank you, Montecito Fire Department!