Westmont Community Mourns the Loss of a Student

A public memorial service will be held for Nick Davis on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 1 p.m. at Shoreline Community Church, 2500 Garden Road in Monterey, Calif. Davis, a senior economics and business major from Pacific Grove, Calif., died in a solo motorcycle accident on Cold Spring Road Jan. 8 at about 9 p.m.
“We are deeply saddened by this tragic death,” says Westmont President Gayle D. Beebe. “Our hearts and prayers go out to Nick’s family and friends, and our Student Life and counseling staff members are available to meet with students struggling with this loss.”
Campus Pastor Ben Patterson set aside the chapel program scheduled for Jan. 9 and devoted the time to prayer, Scripture and worship as more than 1,000 faculty, staff and students gathered to grieve together. Here is video from the chapel service at Westmont.


  1. Mr and Mrs Arturo Rivera says:

    Words cannot describe the pain or agony you must be going through as you say, “See you on the other side, son”! However, may all the prayers from Westmont students, teachers and staff give you some comfort knowing that the Davis Family are in our deepest thoughts and prayers! And yes! Nick we Will see you on the other side!!

  2. Hurst Family says:

    For the Davis family and the Westmont community:
    Hold tightly to one another, your memories of Nick, and to God the Father our great comforter. Know that His saints are praying you through this difficult time.

  3. Cruz Family says:

    What can one say at a time like this? This is so deep and words cannot convey this tragic loss and the pain the Davis family is going through. We remember the “Nicks” through their close high school friendship, all the things they did together including with our family, and then going on to the same college. We are honored he was in our lives. May the God of peace and comfort encourage you as you endure this very difficult time. Our heart goes out to you.
    Love, the Cruz Family

  4. Gordon and Kris Flinn says:

    Our hearts are heavy, as we pray for Nick ‘s family and friends, and the caring Westmont Community. May God’s peace, comfort and power be ever present. The Flinns

  5. The Barring Family says:

    May you find comfort in your memories and with the knowledge that your son knew the Lord and is with Him in everlasting peace. Our prayers are with you! The Barring Family

  6. Thank you for this update. My kids and many of their friends have been deeply affected by this tragedy. I hope transportation will be provided for Westmont students to attend the memorial. My heart goes out to Nick’s family and closest circle of friends and I wish them peace and comfort in the days ahead.

  7. Megan Jackson (Delgado) says:

    From a Westmont alumnus-may you find peace in God and joy in the days to come. My prayers to the family and to the Westmont community. I remember Ben Patterson stating one time in chapel that we are to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. We don’t stop. We keep moving. That has gotten me through the grieving process of many a family member, knowing that God wants me to keep walking, to at least move and not stop in that Valley. Prayers and peace be upon you.

  8. The Chappell Family says:

    My heart is breaking at this news. May you all be leaning on the only ONE who can bring peace and healing. Our prayers will be with all family and friends and the Westmont community as well. It’s hard in everyone!

  9. John and Cynthia Ward says:

    Words cannot express how our hearts break for you at your loss. We know our children are a gift from God, it’s just hard to give them back to Him before we join our Heavenly Father first. May the Holy Spirit fill your void and comfort you. We think of the Psalmist and the comfort that is promised to us: “To the hills I lift my eyes; when shall help for me arise? From THE LORD shall come my aid; who the heaven and earth has made.” May our Lord comfort you as you walk through this Valley….ever mindful that we shall be reunited again! Our prayers are with you daily!

  10. Lori and Tom Harrison says:

    Our hearts break for the loss of such a young and precious life. We pray for his family and friends, find comfort in knowing that Nick is sitting with our Lord – his Savior! Find comfort in knowing that Nick touched many lives and brought a smile to many people. Our prayers are with you!

  11. Sean & Lori Nakamoto says:

    Our prayers and condolences the Davis family, his friends and the Westmont Community!! May God provide His comfort and peace in this loss…May Nick take joy in being with the Father and may we be all blessed by NIck’s legacy, smile and spirit!!! God bless you Nick!!!

  12. Hokama Family says:

    May God grant the Davis family the strength to cope with the lost of their beloved son, Nick. I can only imagine the sorrow and how very deeply the family must be hurting. Please know that we are praying for the family and for the WM community as well.

  13. Jesse Nelson says:

    Going to high school together I looked up to him and wished by the end of my high school year I could be like him. The Nelson family is praying for the davis family. We shared a lot of great memories. Mourning is happening below for the passing on of our great friend but celebration has just begun in heaven. I am so sorry Davis family and speaking for myself and on behalf of everyone else, that I know that Nick is that guy we all wanted to be and all wished to have known. His zeal for life and love for many. He has touched my life and what a blessing he has been to myself. He finally is face to face with Jesus”

  14. Julio & Violeta Valladares says:

    As parents of a Westmont senior, we are deeply touched and extremely saddened for this time of sorrow for the Davis family, and for all of those that had the blessing of knowing Nick personally. You are all in our prayers. May God give you the comfort and peace needed while knowing that Nick is enjoying eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.