Computer Minor, Major Opportunity

Westmont students will find it easier to complete a minor in computer science thanks to a new program beginning next year. Open to students from all majors, the minor requires five computer science classes. Students take one course in each of three consecutive Mayterms (five weeks of study in May) and two other computer science classes during their regular schedule.

Don Patterson, associate professor of computer science, encourages students to explore this new opportunity. “It will diversify your educational portfolio and open up additional opportunities,” he says. “Potential employers will see that you’ve learned how computer scientists think and work, which can set you apart from other applicants and make you more marketable.”

But to complete the minor, students must begin early by taking two specific general education classes in their first three semesters: Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems (CS 010) and Discrete Mathematics (CS/MA 015). Four other majors (mathematics, biology, chemistry and psychology) recommend one or more of these classes.

Following their first year at Westmont, students will enroll in three consecutive Mayterm courses: Abstract Models for Concrete Problems Using Java (CS 030), Space, Time, and Perfect Algorithms (CS 120), and Computer Organization and Hardware Architecture (CS 045) at the end of their junior year.

Dr. Don Patterson (right) explains how to operate a drone

Dr. Don Patterson (right) explains how to operate a drone

“Students pursuing this program will acquire proficiency in Java and Python among other things. It’s a very flexible program which is great for students that have lots of interests or haven’t committed to a particular course of study,” Patterson says

Interested students should visit the computer science website or speak with any professors within the department.