Neither Rain, nor Thomas Fire: Westmont Mail Delivers

Vice Presidents Chris Call and Doug Jones

Vice Presidents Chris Call and Doug Jones

Two Westmont vice presidents and several other college employees retrieved and loaded up more than 550 packages from the Westmont Post Office ahead of a mandatory evacuation due to the massive Thomas Fire. Some of the packages included important medications and a particulate mask. When the college evacuated Dec. 10, Joanne Gish, assistant director of the college store and mailing services, and Ty Kim, mailing services coordinator, got assistance from Doug Jones, vice president for finance, and Chris Call, vice president for administration, research, planning and implementation, to safely transport the mail off campus. Ron Smith, sports information director, and his wife, Leslie, textbook manager, and several student workers moved all the mail to Jones’ car for transport to Call’s garage.

It took workers about an hour to sort the mail and alphabetize packages. They also retrieved undelivered mail that the postal service had been holding for the past three days.

Students can pick up their mail and packages on campus when the mandatory evacuation ends, or they can request the mail be forwarded to them by contacting Gish at .


  1. Craig Dayman says:

    A big thank you to everyone who endured the smoke to serve like this.

  2. Caylie Cox says:

    Truly remarkable! But shouldn’t the email be The address gish@… returns as undeliverable.

  3. Great team work!
    I was wondering about how Ty was managing in the Post Office.
    Thanks to all for pitching in.