Africa – Day 6

Submitted by: Ron Smith - August 12th, 2006


Westmont women’s soccer team made their way from Gulu to Kampala on Saturday morning during a somewhat more restful day in Uganda. After eating lunch, the team divided into four groups and headed to four different churches in the Kampala slums where they participated in feeding programs.

“The pastor at one of the churches asked the Westmont players to scrimmage with a group of little boys and so they played a little six-on-six soccer,” said head coach Rebecca Mouw. “The other three groups visited with those coming to receive food.”

One of the churches provides food four days a week. The Warrior players participated by serving the food which had been prepared which consisted of beans and a wheat based cereal.

Later in the afternoon the Warriors had an opportunity to practice together before enjoying a farewell feast with members of the Sports Outreach Institute (SOI) which accompanied them in Uganda. Russ Carr, former soccer coach for Westmont, is the founder and president of SOI.

After worshiping tomorrow morning at some of the churches in the slums, the Warriors will make a 240 kilometers (149 miles) trip to Mbarara, which is in the southwest corner of Uganda. On the way, the Warriors will cross the equator and enjoy a picnic lunch. Once in Mbarara, a city of 78,000 people, the team will have another training opportunity.