Africa – Day 7

Submitted by: Ron Smith - August 13th, 2006


The last week has been filled with wonderful and life changing experiences for the Westmont women’s soccer team traveling in Uganda.

In Gulu, the Warriors found themselves surrounded by hundreds of children wherever they went. Their experiences included running in the morning with the ‘invisible children’ from Noah’s Ark Shelter to their homes some two miles away. The Warriors visited with women and children in their mud hut homes and conducted soccer clinics in refugee camps. They cared for children at the Kirombe School and played Hearts United, the East African women’s soccer champions in the first women’s soccer game ever played at Pece Stadium to the delight of three to four thousand fans.

In Kampala, Westmont squared off against the Ugandan Women’s National Team, visited with children at the Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped and conducted soccer clinics in Kampala’s slums. The Westmont women visited a juvenile detention center and several had opportunities to share their faith. The team also participated in feeding programs at four churches in the slums.

This morning, the Warriors returned to the same four churches for worship. “We were there for about two hours and most of the time was spent in singing,” said head coach Rebecca Mouw. “At one of the churches, our team sang in front of the entire church and Kelsey (Sinclair) shared with the congregation how our time in Africa has shaped the faith of our team. At another church, Dan (Ribbens) shared our plans for the rest of our trip in Rwanda and Kenya.”

After morning worship, the Warriors departed Kampala for the trip to Mbarara in southwest Uganda. On Monday, the Warriors will sneak in some practice time before visiting the Queen Elizabeth Game Park.