Africa – Day 9

Submitted by: Ron Smith - August 15th, 2006


The Westmont women’s soccer team was back on the road again as their tour through Africa continues. After breakfast and devotions in Mbarara, Uganda, the team hit the road for the 200 kilometer (129 mile) trip to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

“On the way to the Rwandan border we saw meerkats and Cobb’s antelope,” reported head coach Rebecca Mouw. “We reached the border at three in the afternoon, but we had to wait two hours before we were able to enter Rwanda. A new computer system had been installed and the officials were having trouble getting it to work.

“Our players are doing so well. No one is ill except for a couple of minor colds and everyone is in good spirits,” said Mouw. “The players sang on the bus for the entire two and one-half hour trip from the border to our hotel in Kigali. The van which was following us said they could hear our team singing. Unfortunately, we did not have an opportunity to train since we did not arrive at our hotel until after dark.”

Tomorrow morning will start with an early morning team jog to be followed by breakfast. Then the Warriors will pay a visit to the Genocide Museum of Rwanda. The museum marks 100 days of brutal killings in which 800,000 Tutsis were murdered by Hutu militias beginning on April 7, 1994. The museum opened exactly ten years later.

In the afternoon, the Warrior will play the third game of their African trip, taking on the Rwandan Women’s National Team.