Africa – Day 11

Submitted by: Ron Smith - August 17th, 2006


The Westmont women’s soccer team spent most of today traveling as they continued their trip through Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. This morning, the Warriors departed Kigali, Rwanda on a plane bound for Nairobi, Kenya.

Before boarding the plane, the Warriors said goodbye to members of the Good News Team which had been traveling with them throughout Uganda and Rwanda.

“The Good News Team players were simply wonderful,” said head coach Rebecca Mouw. “They were so faithful and we are thankful for our time with them.”

The Good News Team is a part of the Sports Outreach Institute (SOI) which organized the Warrior’s trip. Russ Carr, former soccer coach at Westmont is the founder and president of SOI.

Once in Nairobi, the team visited the SOI offices and “debriefed” with each other about their visit yesterday to the Genocide Museum in Kigali. “We hadn’t had a chance to share our thoughts with each other after visiting the museum. It was such an emotional experience and it was really good for us to share our impressions.

“We also met with Franklin Shelimbe, Director of SOI Kenya,” said Mouw. “He began preparing us for our schedule tomorrow.”

On Friday morning, the Warriors will conduct a two hours soccer clinic for girls who live in the Mathare slums. After lunch the team will split up and visit the homes of mothers who have AIDS before returning for a practice session in the late afternoon.

Saturday, Westmont will play its fourth and final soccer match of the two-week trip, taking on the Mathare Women’s Football Club.