Africa – Day 12

Submitted by: Ron Smith - August 18th, 2006


In their twelfth day in Africa, the Warriors found themselves waking up in Nairobi, Kenya for the first time.

The day began with the team conducting a clinic for kids at a soccer field in the Mathare slums. Originally planned for just girls, more than 100 girls and boys participated in the event.

“Our players ran a great clinic,” said head coach Rebecca Mouw. “The kids would have done anything in order to be with our players. After running practice sessions all over the field, we divided into three groups and our players had an opportunity to talk with the kids and to share their faith. I am so very proud of how are students have responded to all they have seen and done in Africa. They have exceeded my expectations.”

After a pizza lunch, the Warriors returned met up with a group of Christian mothers, all of which have AIDS and live in the Mathare slums. “These are an amazing group of women,’ said Mouw. “Stigmatized because of AIDS, they have banded together to support and encourage each other.

“The slums of Mathare were our toughest experience yet,” said Mouw. “In Gulu, it was basically rural slums. But there are one million people living in the urban slum of Mathare. Dirt roads are really just mud patches between huts. The stench is awful, partly the result of open sewers. Yet everywhere, kids were running and playing, unaware that there was any other kind of life. They didn’t know it smelled.”

Tomorrow, the Warriors will return to Mathare to play in the fourth and final game of the trip – this time taking on the Mathare Women’s Football Team. “Both before and after our game, there will be a seven-on-seven soccer tournament going on at the same field,” explained Mouw.

“We are all getting a little tired and we are going to try and build in some rest time. The fatigue is nothing unexpected, but we would request prayers for strength and for our transition back home. Everyone is healthy and all have great attitudes.”

The Warriors will be in Nairobi until late Sunday before flying home.