Men’s Basketball History Now Available on the Web

Submitted by: Ron Smith - July 1st, 2009


As part of a multi-year project to digitize Westmont Athletic records, Warrior men’s basketball rosters, athlete profiles, statistics, schedules and results reaching back to the early 1950s are now available online. Fans and alumni are able to access the men’s basketball history by visiting the Westmont Athletics web site.

The goal of the project, which was begun in the summer of 2005, is to preserve the Westmont Athletic archives in digital form and to make the archives available to Warrior fans. Westmont has a strong athletic tradition which is highly valued by today’s coaches, administrators and athletes. The purpose of the project is to honor that tradition and celebrate those who have made contributions to the Warrior legacy.

Last summer, the same information was released online for men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball and women’s basketball. Already underway is the preservation of records for baseball, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s cross country and men’s and women’s track and field.

Westmont Webmaster Greg Smith has provided the framework for the digitalization project. Working closely with Sports Information Director Ron Smith, Greg Smith creates the databases and web interface for the ongoing project. Ron Smith coordinates the data collection, compilation and input. A host of student workers in the athletics office help to enter information in the various databases which comprise the project.

The project is also indebted to two former Westmont employees. Jeff Raymond, who served as Westmont’s Sports Information Director from 1997-2004, began the process of collecting and organizing a large volume of athletic information which is utilized in the project. Will Rainbow, Web Content Editor from 2001-2006, helped to design the Westmont Athletics web site and the web interface between the databases and the public.