Jedd Medefind – Class of ’97

Submitted by: Ron Smith - July 23rd, 2009


Among my countless great memories from basketball at Westmont, several of my favorites come from the retreat we’d go on each year before the season. It was always pretty simple—just a rustic cabin out on an isolated ranch, a bunch of guys and several sack of dining commons food. But I’ll carry memories from those times out there together to my grave. On one hand, there was just the laughter and horseplay (some of it literal) of boys on a farm—perhaps enjoyed even more than usual since we weren’t running stairs or wind-sprints or Coyote Road. There were also the not-so-brutal initiation rites of the newcomers, which left the rest in of us in stitches and the new guys with sheepish smiles and (in some cases) bald. But the laughter was well-paired with substance. And it wasn’t only “planning for the season” or setting team goals. Every year, each member of the team, including the coaches, told their life story—the good with the bad. Most of the guys shared with the kind of vulnerability and honesty you’d normally reserve for your very best friends. We’d grown as brothers-in-arms through the intense pre-season conditioning we’d already gone through. But I think that that sharing opened the door for a depth of a friendship, trust and sincere appreciation that some men may go their whole life without experiencing. It also gave us a rare level of understanding of each other—including the shortcomings and quirks each of us had. That closeness served well on the court and on the conditioning field, as well as in friendship and enjoyment that extended far beyond sports. We always came back from the retreat knit together pretty tight—and although sometimes those bonds were challenged by the strains of an intense season of hoops, they never broke.

Jedd Medefind, Men’s Basketball Player 1993-96