Digging a Trench with Your Vice President

Submitted by: Kristi Kiely - May 15th, 2010


By Kristi Kiely

Greetings from Kampala,

It’s Saturday night and we have had a full day. The girls have been incredible: strong, brave in their willingness to share, joyful and patient. They have continued to surprise us with how willing they are to immerse themselves quickly into whatever we are doing. Praise God. We are very proud of them. I also continue to be so impressed with the leadership of this group. Dan Ribbens brings years of experience and wisdom. Jane Williams brings a beautiful voice and wonderful presence as our worship leader. Diane and Cliff Lundberg have been wonderfully interactive with our girls and getting to know them. My husband has embraced his role as “Peach’s Wife” or “Coach’s Wife” and for that I am grateful. And most impressive is Rodney Suddith, our group leader from SOI. The man is brilliant, really funny and filled with God’s spirit. We have a lot we can learn from him.

Today we split up into 4 groups and headed out to 4 different slums with the SOI guys. At the slums hundreds of kids greeted us with smiles and A LOT of energy. While this was an extremely difficult setting, the girls had no problem going to work right away. Some of the girls were burning massive piles of trash, others were digging trenches and some were drawing water for the locals in the slums. I happened to be swinging at weeds with a hoe alongside our Executive Vice President at Westmont (Cliff Lundberg). I bet there aren’t any other Head Coaches doing that with their VP’s! This act of love and service felt so inadequate to what we would like to be able to give but we are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside these people. We came back together at lunch to eat our first non-Ugandan food…pizza and ice cream in downtown Kampala. During which two of our players (Jenna Nelson and Nicole Yankey) decided to have a pizza eating contest and each devoured 5 slices of pizza (plus ice cream) only to head back to the slums 30 minutes later to run a clinic and play some games. That didn’t feel very good :) We played with the kids and against them and enjoyed the fellowship that soccer continues bring.

We are thankful for:
– our families – The SOI guys and the Good News team – Manual Labor
– our team – Ugandan pineapple – African Worship
– God’s love – God’s smiles through the African children – God’s grace

We are heading to Church tomorrow and should have a lot to share so look for the next entry.

Signing off,

Westmont Women’s Soccer

***love you mom.