Our 2nd Match!

Submitted by: Kristi Kiely - May 17th, 2010


By Kristi Kiely

Greetings from our last day in Kampala,

“You are most welcome” as they say in Uganda. Thank you for enjoying this journey with us in Kampala. Today was our last day in Kampala and it was a great day.

We enjoyed our last morning devotional with the Good News team. The devotional times have been such a strong time of worship, prayer and learning God’s word. We are most thankful for them and sad to leave them behind. Following the devotional time we went to play again with Hearts United (the female version of the Good News team). Our girls love working with the women, getting to know them, love them, show them Jesus and empower them. The time we have spent with Hearts United has been such a gift. After our morning playing with the young girls we drove to Entebbe to play our second match. Another one-of-a-kind experiences: 5 minutes to warm up, people on the sidelines EVERYWHERE (even right next to me while I was coaching), I had to step into the game (we only have 1 sub)…etc. We won again on a goal from Haley Yurtin (goal number 2 for her in Africa)! It was a great game and we were able to spend some time sharing in small groups after the game with our opponents.

But the most exciting part of the day was the African meal and dinner with the Good News team. The staff made a true Ugandan meal for us as we ate and talked and enjoyed our last moments together. We are so thankful for these men (and few women) who are in the trenches (sometimes literally) trying to show God to people. We appreciate (more now) the work they do ALL of the time. We pray blessings in abundance on them.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we head up to Gulu to meet the crew up there. Although we are sad to leave our friends in Kampala we are excited for the next chance to serve and love.

One week left!

Signing off,

Westmont Women’s Soccer

***love you mom.