Toros Take the Win

Submitted by: Christy Cain - November 22nd, 2014


blauTonight the Westmont men’s basketball team took on their third Division II opponent of the season. While they played Cal State Dominguez Hills point-for point the entire game, a couple of missed opportunities down the stretch led to an eventual 73-65 loss this evening.

“I think we played a nice game for a good portion of the time, we just couldn’t close the door. We had a few six and eight point leads, but I think our inexperience came back to haunt us. We had a couple of missed free throws and layups” opened head coach John Moore.

In one of the most high energy games so far this season, the Warriors remained neck and neck with the Toros the entire time. The competitive nature of the game was directly reflected in the similarity of the statistics. The Warriors made 24 of their 54 total shots this evening, while the Toros made 26 of their 54 total shots.  Westmont was 7-18 from the three-point line, while Dominguez Hills was 6-18. Most of the game was played within a two to four point margin.

The teams were tied 51-51 with just over six minutes left on the clock. Unfortunately, it was during the final minutes of the competition that the Warriors’ young squad had some missed opportunities that Dominguez Hills was able to capitalize on to get points on the board.

Sophomore guard Cory Blau had a standout performance on the court for Westmont this evening. In his 29 minutes of play, he earned a team high 21 points and six rebounds.  “Cory led us again tonight. He did a very fine job of being the most competitive player on the floor'” explained Moore. “We have been playing high level, athletic teams with San Bernardino last week and Dominguez Hills tonight. Cory has consistently looked really comfortable out there and highly composed.”

Blau was assisted by freshman guard Sean Harman who finished the night with an impressive eight points and five assists. “Sean was the other person I thought was a highlight of the game tonight. With five assists, no turnovers and eight points he played with great poise as a freshman. I thought he was outstanding as well” Moore noted.

“Tonight we played with enough confidence to win the game, but like I said, the lack of experience came back to get us,” closed out Coach Moore.

Westmont will be up north in Atherton, California next weekend where they will kick off a two day tournament with a 4PM match up against Menlo College on Friday November 28.