Women’s Tennis Receives GSAC Honors

Submitted by: Christy Cain - April 29th, 2015



tennis seniorsBy Christy Cain

(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) Two of Westmont’s women’s tennis athletes have officially received Golden State Athletic Conference honors for their 2015 season. Lauren Stratman was named GSAC Player of the Year, while both Stratman and Ines Costamagna were named to the GSAC All-Conference Team.

Success is not something that is new to Stratman as this will be her second time receiving both of these honors. In 2014, the conference recognized her amazing, stand out talent as she posted an impressive 21-2 record while playing in the number one singles position.

This season has not been much different. Stratman has held true to her talent and has excelled both as a player and a teammate. She has notched a record of 17-2 on the number one singles court thus far, with her only losses coming from an injury forfeit and dropping a match to the reigning NAIA National Champion from Xavier (La.) On the court, she is a consistent player who is always doing her best to help the team succeed. Off the court, she is a phenomenal teammate. Once she is done playing, you can find her courtside for the other Warrior matches, cheering on her teammates as they battle for points. Stratman is currently the GSAC overall singles leader with her impressive record of 17-2.

The newest member to the Warrior roster, Ines Costamagna, sure made an impact in her first year representing Westmont. She immediately stepped in to the number two singles position and has earned a record of 15-1 so far. As a transfer, she has past experience of high level collegiate tennis and it shows in her play. Though battling injuries all season, Ines has shown up time and time again for her teammates and remained calm when put to the test. She currently ranks amongst the top number two singles players in the GSAC.

“On one hand it is not a huge surprise that Lauren is GSAC Player of the Year and that both her and Ines made the GSAC team,” commented head coach Kendyll McManigal. “But at the same time it is a great recognition of their level and ability not only as individuals, but as doubles partners.”

It has always been said that two are better than one—and that is certainly the case with these two women. While both Stratman and Costamagna are effective singles players, something magical happens when you put them on the court together. Whether it is their tenacious desire to win or just the confidence that comes with experience, they are the most dynamic duo Westmont has to offer.  Lauren and Ines lead the team and the conference with a number one doubles record of 20-1. The duo is four wins ahead of any other number one doubles teams in the GSAC.

“It all comes down to the fact that they are phenomenal tennis players. I think they are two of the best players in the country and I am glad that the conference saw it that way,” closed out McManigal.

The Warriors will now wait until Sunday to see if they will receive a birth to the National Tournament in Mobile, Alabama.