Warriors Fall Short in Semis

Submitted by: Kaci Mexico - November 11th, 2016


Haley Johnson (photo by Brad Elliott)

Haley Johnson (photo by Brad Elliott)

By Kaci Mexico
November 10, 2016

In the semifinal round of the Women’s Soccer Golden State Athletic Conference Tournament, tenth ranked Westmont Women’s Soccer (15-3-2) fell to #8 Biola (15-0-2) by a score of 0-1.

“Within the first half we were able to implement what we needed to tactically to dominate,” explained head coach Cappuccilli. “All in all we had a significant amount of opportunities within the first half to potentially put us in a position to get a goal, however it didn’t come off how we would have hoped and they connected on one of their opportunities.”

In the first half the Warriors had 14 shots and Biola had 5. Overall, the Warriors had 26 shots and Biola had 12.

The game winning goal came in the 41st minute when Biola goal keeper Christina Rodriguez punted the ball over the Westmont back line. Sarah Jeffries chased down the bouncing punt deep into the 18 yard box and converted it into a goal with a shot into right side netting.

“I think moving into the second half we found that we were going to have to go and get the goal and so we lost a bit of our possession,” noted Cappuccilli. “Ultimately one just didn’t come off for us. I think losing a match 1-0 in a setting where we feel like we could have come away successful, is challenging.”
The Warriors battled throughout the second half and until the final whistle to get the equalizer – they had four of their 12 second half shots in the last four minutes of the game.

The Warriors will now wait until this coming Monday morning to find out if they will receive an at-large bid into the NAIA National Tournament. Cappuccilli explained what the team’s mentality for nationals would be, should they receive an at-large bid.

“I think we have to put our heads down and work,” said Cappuccilli. “Nothing is guaranteed or given to you at any point in the season and even now if we move forward we have to earn everything in the settings that we are in and play as if it is your last moment to be playing.”

“So my hope and prayer is that an at-large bid does come,” continued Cappuccilli, “and we will take some of our frustration of not finding the result we wanted today and turn that into a positive energy moving into the national tournament.”