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Uganda 2010 Mission Trip

Women’s Soccer Visits Rehabilitation Clinic

Submitted by: Kristi Kiely - May 13th, 2010

By Kristi Kiely

Friends and Family,

Praise God for a beautiful country and a beautiful people! We arrived late Tuesday evening and hit the ground running on Wednesday morning. The sounds and smells are wonderful and the people of Uganda the most welcoming. Wednesday opened with devotions with the good news team lead by Moses. The worship here is free and bold and powerful and the girls joined in right away sharing words, thoughts, scripture and personal testimony. After the devotional time (a time required by Russ Carr-founder of SOI every morning for the SOI staff here in Uganda) we spent one and a half hour on a bus heading to a rehabilitation institute for young children. These children are kids who have either committed a crime, lived on the street or are need of some sort of help. The facility is ill equipped to handle the children that come in but the joy that radiates the faces of the kids is incredible. We spent the afternoon in worship and running a clinic with the Good News team for the kids there. The field we played on might put Lovik field to shame with it’s surrounding hills, lush jungle landscape and storm clouds rolling in. We left the facility and headed for the equator…in order to take a picture :)

Uganda Here We Come!

Submitted by: Kristi Kiely - May 8th, 2010

By Kristi Kiely

I am sitting in my office on a Saturday afternoon barely able to maneuver my small space which is currently full of soccer balls, luggage and whatever else we can stuff into bags for our trip. In case you are just joining me, we are taking our Women’s Soccer team over to Uganda for 2 weeks leaving May 10th and returning on May 24th. We are partnering with Sports Outreach Institute to help serve those in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda. With a variety of opportunities to serve our greatest hope is that we can use our gifts to both love and share the joy of the gospel.

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