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Students Prepare for 2nd Spring Break Trip to Haiti

This week, students in Westmont’s Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid class went shopping in preparation for their upcoming trip to Port-de-Paix, Haiti. In addition to purchasing food items for their upcoming trip, the class recently led a campus-wide clothing drive for Haitian entrepreneurs who will be operating pepes, used clothing stands in the marketplace […]

Eaton Center Follow-Up in Haiti

This week Rick Ifland, Director of the Eaton Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation visited Port-de-Paix, Haiti to follow up on last year’s trip. He is working with Maxime and Simone (pictured here), two of the men on the team that oversees the businesses that were started over Spring Break. Maxime and Simone check in daily […]

Westmont in Haiti Video

In March of 2014, 14 Westmont students traveled to Port-de-Paix, Haiti to launch seven small businesses using principles of microfinance and entrepreneurship with the Eaton Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. To learn more about the trip, visit our blog.       WATCH THE VIDEO

Day 6 – Looking Ahead

Student Perspective 1 – Filipp Kozachuk, Junior Economics & Business Major Today was a day of new friendships, painful farewells, toilsome battles, and sweet victories. It was this very day that we dreaded from the moment we first arrived: the day we would say “au revoir” to our beloved entrepreneurs and leave them to carry […]

Day 5 – Entrepreneurship & The Marketplace

Student Perspective 1 – Daniel Erickson, Junior Economics & Business Major Walking through the marketplace of Port-de-Paix Haiti trying to gain a business perspective to assist Edouarnise (my assigned entrepreneur) proved to be an anthropological experience. The dusty streets are lined with stands selling anything from bags of rice to used converse all-stars shoes set […]