Garden Internships are now opened for the Fall of 2015. Each semester Westmont Dining Sustainability offers 2 internship positions. Our Sustainability/Marketing and WDGP coordinator will work with you to create an internship experience that integrates valuable skills, creative problem solving and real life experience.

Some examples of projects that students have done include:

  • Art/Design- Creating garden and DC signage and brochures
  • Business- Data input and cost analysis of garden program, tracking harvests, expenses etc.
  • Social Media/Marketing- Tabling, event planning, developing marketing materials and social media updates/building site traffic.
  • Sustainable Ag- Learning the basics of small scale food production with an emphasis on soil stewardship, integrative pest management and organic growing methods.
  • Medicinal Plants and Wild Harvesting- Learning how to identify and use wild and medicinal plants and Tincture, salve and tea making.

Internships with Westmont Dining Sustainability earn between 2-4 units per semester and require 6-12 hours of work per week. Please visit the Westmont Internships Page for more information.

Students can also fulfill their Serving Society GE requirement through working with Westmont Dining Sustainability and the WDGP.

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  1. Hey guys, looking at the site above and wondering where the water conservation projects are for the university? i’m thinking of coming to Westmont from Texas, but am totally driven by sustainablity in water conservation. you could say the family business!! my cell 2147340147, if anyone can give me some facts would be great.

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