Remembering Noel Matthews

Sixteen friends and former teammates of Noel Matthews ’91, the Warrior basketball player who died last May from injuries suffered in a car accident, gathered at Westmont September 13-15 to honor his memory. In a meeting with President David Winter, they nominated Noel for the Westmont Warrior Hall of Fame and discussed the possibility of establishing an athletic scholarship in his name. The former Warriors played basketball against the current Westmont team, competed in a mini golf tournament, shared memories of Noel over meals, and held a memorial service on the beach. The group included: John Anderson ’89, Jeff Azain ’86, Chris Brown ’93, Chris Hahs ’90, Chad Kammerer ’90, Chet Kammerer, John Moore ’78, Deron Oates ’93, Dave Odell ’89, Peter Partain ’90, Nate Shea-han ’92, Brad Smidt ’90, Dan Swanner ’89, Greg Vettel ’89, Jon Walker ’91, and Greg Zuanich ’94.

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