Friends Forever

On furlough from Nairobi, Kenya, missionaries Jim ’70 and Sue Bergman ’71 DeVries hosted a potluck in Santa Monica last May for some of Jim’s classmates (top row from left: Rita Astor Geerson ’70, Ken Sampson ’70, Terry Kenney ’70, Karen Reed Ray ’70, Jane McChesney Johnson ’70, Kris Hall Laverty ’70, Laura Ann Palmberg Haynes ’70, Sue DeVries; kneeling, from left: Vern Bauerle ’70, Jim DeVries, Steve Ray ’70, Dennis Johnson ’70). They celebrated 50th birthdays, renewed 32-year-old friendships, and shared life experiences. All these friends work in social services, education, or missions.

Sue also reunited with former suitemates Molly McCulloch Edwards ’71, Pat Garrett Iverson ’71, and Sue Solomon Janossy ’71, at Pat’s son’s wedding. All six (including Suzie Roy Stubblefield ’71 and Lois Young Kelley ’71) hope to reunite again in 2000!

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