An Artist as Trustee

As an artist, Denise Adams expresses her creativity in many ways. A painter who works with oils, she produces landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. For 10 years she owned an interior design studio and retail store for home furnishings. She has also taught art at a public junior high school.

Denise first became involved at Westmont when she met President David Winter and he encouraged her to join the Art Council. As a member of this volunteer group, she led the successful fund-raising drive to underwrite the cost of publishing “The Art of Dining” cookbook (see form below). This winter she accepted an invitation to join the College’s board of trustees.

“The Christian foundation drew me to Westmont,” Denise explains. “It’s a place where I can combine my faith with my interest in art and education.”

Born and raised in Ohio, Denise graduated from Kent State University with a degree in fine and professional arts.

Her skill as an interior designer is evident in the lovely Montecito home she shares with her husband, Stephen, chairman of the board of Affinity Group. They have beautifully renovated a house previously owned by Ronald Coleman. Denise particularly enjoys painting in the late actor’s art studio.

A member of the board of visitors for the Yale School of Music, Denise supports a number of arts-related institutions in the community.

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