Published: Fall 2001 in Parents

Parents Step Up

One of the most remarkable features of The Campaign for Westmont is the number of parents who have pledged their support. Both past and current parents have made a significant contribution to the campaign. These grateful parents have seen how Westmont has shaped the lives of their sons and daughters, and they are showing their appreciation in very tangible ways. Given the cost of attending Westmont and the challenge parents face, the fact that so many have donated to the campaign is extraordinary and demonstrates the high value these parents place on a Westmont education. Here are just a few who have given:

Bruce and Cheryl Bickel

The parents of an alumna (Lindsey ’00) and a current student (Matt ’02), the Bickels have provided tremendous leadership to Westmont’s Parents Council since 1998. This group, which represents the interests of parents, helps the college raise money for projects that directly benefit students. With humor and a heart-felt commitment to the college’s mission, Bruce and Cheryl have been excellent ambassadors to parents and effective parental representatives to trustees and college administrators. Bruce is an attorney and author, and he and Cheryl live in Fresno, Calif.

Walter and Darlene Hansen

With their support for endowment and programs, Walter and Darlene Hansen have inspired other parents to join them in making a long-term provision for essential college priorities. Their two sons, Nathaniel ’94 and Jonathan ’96, are both
alumni, as is Nathaniel’s wife, Kim Sullivan Hansen ’93. Walter and Darlene served for several years as members of the Parents Council. An author, seminary professor, pastor and scholar, Walter has taught classes at Westmont and speaks occasionally on campus. The Hansens live in Santa Barbara.

Ray and Linda Kubisch

All three of Ray and Linda Kubisch’s daughters chose to attend Westmont. Danica Cugnoni ’96 and Erika ’99 have graduated, and Brittany ’04 is a student. During their service on the Parents Council, the Kubisches have greatly supported fund-raising efforts and have contributed $1 million to the new building for the sciences. Previously, they helped raise funds for a new fitness center on campus. They have also hosted Westmont events in their home in Seattle. Ray is an orthodontist who practices in Santa Barbara, where the Kubisches are building a new house. Linda is a former teacher.

Ed and Mollie Miller

Since 1986, Ed Miller has been active at Westmont as a parent, a donor and a volunteer. In 1997, he joined the board of trustees to increase his involvement. He and his wife, Mollie, have two daughters who went to Westmont: Barbara Dingman ’90 and Susan Underwood ’93. Grateful for the education their daughters received, the Millers have established an endowed scholarship fund to help students afford tuition at Westmont. An attorney specializing in estate planning, Ed understands how important endowment is to the future of the college. The couple lives in Whittier, Calif.

Keith and Nini Sieck

Keith and Nini Sieck became acquainted with Westmont through the experiences of their two sons, Brian ’92 and Jeff ’96. Convinced that Westmont delivers on its mission, they served for several years on the Westmont Parents Council, and Nini later became a member of the college’s board of trustees. She is the founder of Heartland Samplers, and Keith is a retired vice president with General Mills. They split their time between Minnesota and Florida.

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