Faculty Footnotes

David Newton, professor of entrepreneurial finance, is the technical consultant to CNNfn for “The Pitch,” a new feature of the show “Your Money,” in which three entrepreneurs give an elevator pitch of their ventures to a panel of angel investors and venture capitalists. The parameters of each pitch are based on Newton’s “Big Five” points required for presenting new ventures to investors. He appeared on the first segment in July to discuss venture capital, fund raising by entrepreneurs and angel investors. It was Newton’s third invitation to the show.

Allan Nishimura was invited to present his research at a UC Davis chemistry department seminar, which honored him with the 2004 UC Davis Department of Chemistry Prize in recognition of his outstanding contributions to undergraduate mentoring in chemical research.

Greg Spencer, professor of communication studies, has published his first novel, “The Welkening: A Three-Dimensional Tale” (Howard Publishing). For more information, see www.thewelkening.com.

Paul Willis, professor of English, has written a new book of poems, “How to Get There,” to be published by Finishing Line Press in September.

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