Published: Fall 2004 in College News

The Gift of Grants

The Calvin Institute for Christian Worship (CICW) has awarded Westmont faculty and staff two different grants totaling $11,650.

Lisa DeBoer, assistant professor of art history, is conducting research on the arts in worship, and the institute has awarded her $9,250 to support this work. The grant will fund her survey of churches and artists.

CICW has also given $2,400 to the campus pastor’s office for the chapel worship team. The money will fund training by a professional musician as well as team-building activities. It will also permit the worship team to continue distributing the compact disc of its music produced earlier in the year.

CICW gave Westmont a $15,000 worship renewal grant in 2001, which the art  department administered.

Wells Fargo Foundation has given $1,000 to the student ministry program Spring Break in the City. Each year during spring break, teams of Westmont students work with churches and organizations to reach out to inner-city residents in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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