Published: Fall 2004 in College News

Wealth and Worth

Parents and grandparents discovered how to establish financial family values in an era of relative wealth during a seminar, “The Importance of Worth to Wealth and the Fit Family” held on campus in October. The Westmont Foundation sponsored the event.

Speakers included authors Lillian Carson (“The Essential Grandparent: A Guide to Making a Difference”), Joline Godfrey (“Raising Financially Fit Kids”) and Gordon Hess, a Montecito marriage and family therapist.

A panel of financial professionals discussed the effect of self worth on investing, accounting, financial banking and estate planning. The panelists were: attorney John Ambrecht (above); certified public accountants Cindy Enderby and Phil Palmquist; Roy Gaskin of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust; Dick Welch, retired from Santa Barbara Bank & Trust; and Tim Tremblay of Tremblay Financial Services.

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