Fall 1995 Archive:

Treasuring the Beauty of Kerrwood

by David K. Winter President A few years ago the winning Spring Sing skit (VK men again) was built around the theme of Westmont moving to Bakersfield. It was a hilarious piece—one of the best in my memory. Part... Read More

Making the Mericos Match

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

With months to spare, Westmont has exceeded its goal of raising $100,000 to secure a $40,000 grant from the Mericos Foundation to purchase new equipment for the biology department. The foundation required Westmont to make the match by December... Read More

Student Statistics

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

Westmont welcomed 421 new students (291 first-year and 130 transfers) to campus this fall. Coming from 42 states and 15 foreign countries, they earned an overall grade point average of 3.52. With 763 resuming their studies at Westmont this... Read More

We’re Better Equipped

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

Thanks to physics professor Dr. Warren Rogers, Westmont has received a spherical electrostatic conversion-electron spectrometer and associated hardware and electronics, a donation worth about $70,000. The generous gift comes from Dr. Noemie Benczer-Koller, a nuclear physics researcher at Rutgers... Read More

Surveying Alumni Attitudes

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

Periodically producing an alumni directory allows Westmont to survey former students on a variety of issues. Last year’s directory mailing included two college surveys. The first sought information about graduate school, careers, and income levels. Out of the 3,017... Read More

A College with Character

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

The Templeton Foundation has honored Westmont as one of 124 institutions nationwide elected to the 1995 Templeton Honor Roll for Character Building Colleges. This award recognizes schools that make character development “an integral part of the campus experience.” Read More

Our National Ranking

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

The annual back-to-school ritual now includes the “U.S. News & World Report” guide to “America’s Best Colleges.” Each September the magazine ranks schools on reputation, selectivity, faculty resources, financial resources, retention, and alumni satisfaction. Using the Carnegie classifications ,... Read More

An International Internship

Nathaniel Hansen ’97 got in the habit of traveling at an early age. Four times during his youth his family moved to a new country: Canada, England, the United States, and Singapore. He crossed borders again to enroll at... Read More

A Return to Retreats

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

An old idea has found new life at Westmont this fall. Students have revived the tradition of spiritual retreats, and 227 of them spent a September weekend at Forest Home reflecting on how they can become more Christ-like during... Read More

Look at Our New Logo

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

At their very first meeting, the Westmont Image Committee quickly grasped the nature of their task. When they saw laid out before them the widely varying printed materials the college produces, they agreed on the need to develop a... Read More

How to Qualify for Title IX

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

<p.All colleges and universities that receive federal aid must provide equal opportunities for men and women in intercollegiate athletics. Congress enacted this law by adopting Title IX in 1972. While women participated in Westmont club sports as early as... Read More

Remembering Coach Paynter

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

<p.Earlier this year, the college community mourned the death of former coach and dorm parent David Paynter, who elevated Westmont’s athletic program from club to intercollegiate status. A 1944 Wheaton graduate, Coach Paynter pitched professionally for the Hollywood Stars... Read More

A Victory over M.S.

Three-time NAIA soccer All-American Nicole Smith caught the eye of the “News-Press” long ago, but recently they took an even closer look at her after discovering that the senior kinesiology major has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The Santa... Read More

Watch The Westmont Fund Grow

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

With limited resources, Westmont has built an academic program that commands national respect and recognition. The recent “U.S. News & World Report” survey of America’s Best Colleges proves this point. Ranked in the third tier of the leading liberal... Read More

A Presidential Presence

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

Who are the President’s Associates, and what makes them so important to Westmont’s future? Anyone who gives $1,000 or more to the college each year qualifies as a President’s Associate. These donors contribute a significant percentage of the amount... Read More

The Art of Fundraising

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

How can a small college like Westmont afford to host exhibits by nationally known artists? The annual Reynolds Gallery membership campaign raises funds for just this purpose. Last school year, 109 people joined the gallery, and 90 have already... Read More

Giving in Return

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

While most recent college graduates worry about paying off loans and finding jobs, 79 Westmont seniors decided to give something back to their alma mater as well. They pledged to donate $10,986 to the college over a three-year period.... Read More

A Sporting Chance for Athletes

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

Despite its small size, Westmont wins big in sports. With three national championships and many district and conference titles to their credit, Warrior athletes have established a long-running winning tradition. What does it take to continue this kind of... Read More

This Old House The Chronicle of Kerrwood Hall

Published: Fall 1995 in Feature Story

The story of Kerrwood Hall, familiar lore for the Westmont family, begins with Ruth Kerr. This visionary Christian founded the college in 1940 and led it from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara five years later. She selected a new... Read More

Keeping Up Kerrwood’s Appearance

Published: Fall 1995 in Feature Story

At the time, washing the huge arched windows in Kerrwood Hall seemed like a chore. Maggie McKee Dorsey faced this task as a Westmont student whenever her youthful high spirits led to an encounter with the dean of women.... Read More

Every Breath

Published: Fall 1995 in Feature Story

From a chapel talk by Carol Houston Pastor, Unspeakable Joy Church, Los Angeles, California I want everyone this morning to take a very deep breath and hold it. Good. When was the last time you thought about the breath... Read More

Wholly Individual

Published: Fall 1995 in Parents

by Jane Hideko Higa Vice President and Dean of Students Parents sometimes ask me what I think is unique about a Westmont education. My response always centers on an excellent educational program achieved through caring faculty, staff, and fellow students.... Read More

Parents that Participate

Published: Fall 1995 in Parents

As it enters its eleventh year, the Westmont Parents Council is expanding its involvement with the college. In the past, the council has met with administrators, faculty, and staff members once each semester to talk about issues they see... Read More

Making a Career Out of Change

Published: Fall 1995 in Feature Story

by Dana Alexander Director of Career and Life Planning As I look toward the upcoming academic year, I see the proverbial good news and bad news. The bad news—as most of us know—is an employment climate characterized by profound... Read More

Head + Heart = Prudent Giving

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

by Iva Hillegas Schatz Director of Planned Giving “Grow a wise heart—you’ll do yourself a favor, Keep a clear head—you’ll find a good life.” From Proverbs 19 as translated by Eugene Peterson The word “prudent” frequently appears in discussions... Read More

Taking Stock of Tax Savings

Published: Fall 1995 in Giving

by Mark Aijian Attorney at Law, Santa Barbara, California The stock market has been good to me this year, so I’m thinking of increasing my end-of-the-year gift to the college. What factors should I consider in order to take advantage... Read More

Physicians, Fire, and Family

Physicians, fire, and family—all three have played an important role in Cindy Bartram Carter’s life since she graduated from Westmont in 1987. She uses her biology/pre-med major as a clinical research associate at the Scottsdale, Arizona, branch of the... Read More

Partners in Prayer

Published: Fall 1995 in College News

When Greg Weisman ’81 invited alumni/ae to become Prayer Partners with students, he hoped to encourage connections between Westmont people of the past and the present. With about 450 matches made so far, he expects to succeed. This year,... Read More

A Leader Retires

“We really need six people to replace Dr. Ed Potts ’51,” jokes President David Winter. “He has made a tremendous contribution to Westmont.” After 27 years, Ed recently retired from his position as assistant to the president, director of... Read More

A Fellow for Reform

Duane Grobman ‘79, now studying toward his doctorate in education at Harvard University, received one of 12 Harvey Fellowships for the 1995-96 academic year. Duane plans to pursue a career in teacher training and educational reform. An initiative of... Read More

Revisiting His Missionary Roots

Jeff Swanson ‘79 has written, “Echoes of the Call: Identity and Ideology Among American Missionaries in Ecuador,” a book drawing on the personal histories of 100 evangelical missionaries in the country where he grew up the son of missionary... Read More

Just for Dads

Steve Pattie ‘74 recently published, “For Fathers of Sons.” In the book, he “uses poetry to express his deepest feelings about his sons and the valued relationship he has with them” (Jack O. Balswick). Best-selling author Lewis Smedes describes... Read More

Wallace Emerson Society

While Bernie and Marilyn Nichols never attended school together, they share a heritage of Christian education. Marilyn graduated from Westmont in 1957, and Bernie attended Berry, a Christian college in Georgia. They have returned to their roots in several... Read More