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Wallace Emerson Society

Family ties Matter to Robert Swift. A well-known certified public accountant in Orange, Calif., he has owned a business there for 40 years. His daughter, Janice Swift, became his partner in 1976, and her daughter, Heather Bjorklund Chappell ’93,... Read More

In Memory of Special Friends

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Westmont is pleased to acknowledge legacy gifts from the estates of the following members of the Wallace Emerson Society. Harold Emerson Kauffman had a long relationship with Westmont going back to the 1960s. After his career in accounting in... Read More

A Sound Bottom Line

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

During the last year of the five-year capital campaign, Westmont received $9.5 million in gifts, helping the college exceed its $47 million campaign goal. Significant contributions included a $1.6 million bequest from Carolyn DeYoung ’57, the largest donation ever... Read More

The Vision for Westmont

Our ambition as a college is really quite simple: it is to be a quality liberal arts college rooted in Christ. Two things about that statement are worth noting. First, it’s nothing new. It has been our ambition from... Read More

From the Chairman of the Board

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Dear Friend of Westmont, While the last fiscal year was notable for the conclusion of a very successful capital campaign, it was also another year of responsible fiscal management by the college. As the chair of the board of... Read More

A Tribute to David Winter

The Embracing the Past, Ensuring the Future campaign succeeded largely because of the vision, commitment and hard work of Chancellor David K. Winter. For four years he oversaw the drive as president of Westmont, and when he retired in... Read More

The Westmont Fund

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

The Westmont Fund provides a dependable stream of income to Westmont’s operating budget, enabling the college to carry out its mission each year. The capital campaign helped annual giving rise to new levels. Replacing these funds would require more... Read More

Enhancing the Programs

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

The quality and depth of Westmont’s programs shape its unique educational offerings. Thanks to the capital campaign, new funds will enrich current programs and develop new ones. The result is a comprehensive learning experience designed to develop young people... Read More

Growing the Endowment

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

The truest measure of Westmont’s strength lies in the quality of our outstanding faculty and students. Accordingly, the capital campaign has increased the college’s endowment to provide our community with the learning environment and financial support it deserves, now... Read More

Building for the Future

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

A growing interest in the visual arts and a new emphasis in art history has heightened demand for a larger and more sophisticated arts facility. The new visual arts building will be located at the center of campus, highlighting... Read More

An Historic Campaign

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

‘Well before it began, Westmont’s capital campaign was President David Winter’s vision. Without a successful campaign that would help complete its campus and increase its endowment, Westmont risked falling behind its own high standards for facilities and resources that... Read More

Thankful for Faithfulness

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

‘Westmont chose ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness’ as its college hymn out of gratitude to God for his great faithfulness during our 65-year history. With the remarkable success of the Embracing the Past, Ensuring the Future Capital Campaign, we also... Read More

High Expectations

Dan Langston ’96 has clearly found his calling: He is passionate about teaching. After only seven years as a fourth- and fifth-grade teacher (including four with students who speak English as a second language), he has been named the... Read More

A Healthy View of Quarantine

As a medical student in the world’s first program in international health and population-based medicine, Geoff Ankeney ’97 is on the forefront of world health policy. But his cutting-edge studies at Columbia and Ben Gurion University in Israel have... Read More

Made for Television

Chandrea Miller ’93 got her first job as an on-air news reporter at KHOG, an ABC affiliate in Fayetteville, Ark. For the Southern California native, it was a complete culture shock. “I had never been to the South, and... Read More

A 30-Year Friendship

Six suitemates from the class of 1971 who lived in Clark P for a year began a round-robin letter the summer of 1969 that has continued sporadically ever since. Today they communicate by e-mail. Throughout the years, the women... Read More

A Young Impressionist

Abigail McBride ’96 is passionate about plein air painting, producing landscapes, portraits and still lifes completely on location. Her work reflects the color and light of late afternoon and early evening sunsets. She attempts to capture the color harmonies... Read More

Portrait of a Photographer

Michael Taylor ’78 paints portraits with photos. Internationally known for his location portraiture, he is an artist with a camera. As a high school student, Michael longed to be a musician, but he realized he lacked the necessary talent.... Read More

A Question of Calling

Lindsay Case ’86 thinks he may be one of the freest men alive. Single, financially secure and a partner in a successful family business, he can spend a weekend in Paris or hit the beach in Maui whenever he... Read More

Westmont When

By Jerry Gill ’56 Over the past couple of years, I have been reading the Westmont magazine rather regularly and I have been struck by two things. First, it is amazing to me what a really fine college my... Read More

A Better Place

Kathy Jobe Johnsen ’84 learned a lot from her first job even though it lasted only three months. After earning a degree in economics and business at Westmont, she took a position in sales and soon realized that she... Read More

Investing her Retirement

For most people, retirement means slowing down. But Eleanor Tate ’48 just keeps going. The newspaper in her hometown, Richmond, British Columbia, featured a story this year about her extensive volunteer work at Pinegrove Place, a home for the... Read More

Homecoming Honors

Despite soggy weather, Westmont alums received a warm welcome at Homecoming in September. They renewed friendships and attended events such as chapel, mini-classes, soccer games, a coffeehouse and a family carnival. A special picnic dinner celebrating the completion of... Read More

Learning to Do the Right Answer

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Today we have read together a very familiar story in the New Testament: the Good Samaritan. A lawyer comes to ask Jesus a question, intending to test him. “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” But Jesus, not... Read More

A Creation of Her Own

When Creation Stewardship Week kicked off on campus this fall, few people knew that senior Amanda Sparkman ’03 was behind the event. That’s the way she wanted it. “I am not very outgoing,” the senior admitted. “This entire project... Read More

Immersed in Life

Deeply held commitments to her family and to her church have shaped Spanish Professor Mary Docter. Each Sunday, her husband and children join her in a 200-mile round trip to attend her childhood congregation and to spend the afternoon... Read More

Scientific Scholarships

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

The mathematics and computer science department has announced the recipients of the first National Science Foundation scholarship awards: Brian Jensen ’05, Meghan Butler ’05, Nick Burwell ’06 and Melissa McLeod ’06. The students received $3,125 each and will participate... Read More

A Fletcher Jones Lead Grant

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

The Fletcher Jones Foundation has given Westmont $500,000 to acquire new science equipment. The grant is the lead gift toward a $2.3 million effort to equip the new David K. Winter Hall for Science and Mathematics with state-of-the-art science... Read More

Warriors Win Fourth Title

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

For the third time in four years and the second year in a row, the women’s soccer team has won the NAIA national championship. With four national titles, Westmont  boasts the most successful women’s soccer program in NAIA history. Ranked... Read More

A Safe Environment

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Santa Barbara Beautiful has awarded the prize for Best Firescape Design to the Las Barrancas development in Montecito that houses Westmont faculty. Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum presented the honor to the college in September. The award for firescape... Read More

Progress on the Master Plan

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Westmont continues to work on the update of its long-term master plan, originally approved in 1976. Santa Barbara County will likely hold hearings on the proposed plan sometime in mid-2003. The two academic buildings funded by the college’s successful... Read More

At Home in San Francisco

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Westmont’s San Francisco-based Urban Program turned 30 years old this fall and celebrated with a new home in the city. The college has purchased a bed-and-breakfast inn near Golden Gate Park to house the program’s 24 to 30 students... Read More

A Year in the Life

Published: Fall 2002 in College News

Notable events between July 1, 2001, and June 30, 2002 Changes on Campus Stan Gaede, the college’s seventh president, took office after five years as provost. Reverend Ken Fong, senior pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, joined... Read More