Fall 2005 Archive:

Thanks be to God

By President Stan D. Gaede ’69 As I’m writing this, I’m watching a family of pheasants outside my window. They’re hunting, I think. Looking for a little food. But looking as beautiful and elegant as ever. I’ve watched that... Read More

Final Hearings on Master Plan

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

Continued Community Support Needed Westmont officials are making slow and steady progress in their plans to improve and modernize the picturesque Montecito campus. A series of meetings is underway to consider the Campus Master Plan Update, a process that... Read More

Westmont Warriors Excel at Nationals and in the Classroom

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

In her first year as women’s soccer coach, Rebecca Mouw took the Warriors to the NAIA Final Four. They tied top-seeded Martin Methodist 1-1 through two overtime periods before falling short on penalty kicks 4-3. The Warriors ended the... Read More

A Record Year for Westmont

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

Fund Raising at Westmont Continues to Build on Recent Successes What a difference five years makes! Since 2000, fund raising at Westmont has increased substantially in every category. One of the most striking — and important — areas is... Read More

Trustee News

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

Patty Martin has joined the board of trustees at Westmont. A certified spiritual director who teaches classes in spiritual formation at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, she earned a bachelor’s degree at San Jose State University and master’s degrees in... Read More

Ancient Alphabet Unearthed

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

Former Westmont Professor Makes the Archaeological Find of the Decade A 38-pound chunk of limestone with 3,000-year-old scratchings has rocked the world of archaeology. Last summer, former Westmont Professor Ron Tappy and a team of volunteers digging south of... Read More

The Sad Death of Kings

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

Innovative Production Explores Contemporary Meanings in Shakespeare’s Richard II An ineffective leader faces betrayal and a loss of support as he wages an unpopular and expensive foreign war. The growing opposition eventually leads to his ouster. This timeless plot... Read More

It's Music to Our Ears

Adams Professor of Music and Worship Brings New Vision to Westmont’s Music Program Michael Shasberger lifts his baton, and the music begins. A graceful silhouette against choir and orchestra, he conducts with energy and precision. He smiles broadly, infusing... Read More

How to Survive a Hacker

Published: Fall 2005 in College News

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has given Westmont a prestigious $178,000 grant for computer security research over two years. The Cyber Trust Program will fund “RUI: Survivable, Adaptive and Scalable Distributed Systems.” NSF approved fewer than 50 of the... Read More

Faculty Footnotes

Brad Berky (urban studies) presented “Pedagogical Strategies for Faith-Based Cross-Cultural Learning,” at the Conference for Christian College Urban Programs in Chicago in June and “Educating for Transformation: Critical Pedagogy and the Tale of Three Cities” at the National Society... Read More

Through the Wardrobe to Narnia – and Beyond

Published: Fall 2005 in Feature Story

When “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” roared into movie theaters in December, C. S. Lewis became a household name. Long loved by Christians, he entered the mainstream culture through the magic of Hollywood. The media has taken... Read More

Remembering Roger Voskuyl

Published: Fall 2005 in Feature Story

When he left his position at Wheaton College to become president of Westmont in 1950, Roger Voskuyl came to a deeply troubled institution. During the previous decade, two presidents, two interim presidents and a three-person executive committee had led... Read More

She’s Just Your Tax Dollar at Work

When students bounce onto the bus in the morning, they’ve started school as far as Karen Swadell Jobe ’70 is concerned. The superintendent for Valley Center-Pauma District northeast of San Diego, she works with bus drivers and gardeners as... Read More

Generations of Ministry

He was a scholar and a skilled administrator. She was an evangelist and spoke from her heart. He helped to establish some 40 churches and organized famine relief to feed the hungry. She wore Chinese clothing, ate native food... Read More

Sixteen Years of Survival

Megan Harter ’97 is a survivor. During the 1989 Potter’s Clay trip to Mexico, she and Patty Hallock Crosby ’92 were critically injured in an auto accident that killed three of their friends, Lisa Bebout, Alan Voorman and Garth... Read More

Planting, Tending and Sowing

Only 11 people came to the first Christmas service at Lakeside Church in 1987. Attendance had dropped from 55 on opening day, just months earlier. But Brad Franklin ’80 never doubted that God had called him to plant a... Read More

Working in Watercolors

Outside the weathered wood of her century-old Colorado cabin, Carmel Walden ’93 finds inspiration for her watercolors. Two rugged peaks rise in the distance, dominating the grasslands and woods of the White River National Forest. Three creeks cross the... Read More

Promoting Racial Justice on Campus

Senior Organizes Series to Give Students a Safe Place to Discuss Racial Justice Her pale complexion hides the fact that Charlene Martinez is Latina. She says her appearance made it easier to be accepted by Westmont’s mostly white student... Read More

A Little Light Reading

Sohphomore Starts a Book Club to Read Classic Western Works Walking through the Westmont library one day, Josh Nunziato ’08 noticed a set of lovely, leather-bound books in the philosophy section. The gold-foil title caught his attention: “Great Books... Read More

A Fascination with France

French Professor Mary Collier Supports the Arts and the Work of Westmont Mary Collier’s parents brought their work home, to the delight of their three daughters. Mr. Collier produced operas for the Santa Barbara Civic Opera Company, and his... Read More

The Day the Library Moved

It took 19 months to build Roger John Voskuyl Library, but only one day to fill it with books. On May 16, 1968, the college canceled classes and 600 students, staff and administrators moved 45,000 books and bound periodicals... Read More

Leaving a Legacy of Her Own

Iva Hillegas Schatz has a long history with Westmont. When she moved to Santa Barbara in 1966, her brother, Lyle Hillegas, was on faculty; he later became president. She joined the staff in 1988 and became director of planned... Read More