Spring 2002 Archive:

Wallace Emerson Society

During his college years, Kilani Ventura ’59 developed his new-found faith and his interest in education. He also made friends for life. Today, after 43 years of teaching and nearly annual reunions with close college friends, he deeply appreciates... Read More

Westmont in Washington, D.C.

After Nina Krig ’00 graduated from Westmont, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. “I knew I needed to wake up excited to go to work, believing I was making a difference in people’s lives,” she says. She... Read More

Living the Psalms

For most Americans, 9-11 will be the dividing line in 2001; for the Lammerding family it was July 5. After nine months of anticipation, my wife, Karyn Shriver Lammerding ’88, and I welcomed William Lammerding into the world. Within... Read More

An Entrepreneur with Energy

Rudy Sains Jr. ’84 didn’t realize he was an entrepreneur until he started a business. Willing to take risks and comfortable not knowing what work was coming in, he has thrived as president of Heritage Energy Group LLC. Based... Read More

Fierce Compassion

After years of community involvement and supporting her husband’s successful campaigns for city council, mayor and county supervisor, Marjorie Musser Mikels ’68 decided to leave the Republican Party and run for Congress as a Democrat in California’s 26th district.... Read More

A Politician in Training

Although he has worked as a financial planner in San Luis Obispo, Calif., for 30 years, Matt Kokkonen ’67 has always been interested in politics. Over the years, he has spoken in the community, written articles, expressed his views... Read More

No Boundaries, Just Belonging

By Bob Welch, Columnist The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore. AT UNION BAPTIST Church in Trenton, N.J., parishioners sometimes come forward, hold hands and pray at the altar. Not long ago, a man named Steve Baker took the hand of a... Read More

Voices in Panama

One afternoon, missionary Bob Hall ’49 attended the funeral of a long-term listener to HOXO, a Christian radio station in Panama. As he approached the church he heard music he recognized from his station. Perplexed, he asked the pastor... Read More

A Very Public Grief

Like most San Francisco residents, Bob Paskins ’96 awoke Sept. 11 to the horrifying news of the World Trade Center towers burning and buckling. He knew that his father, Jerrold Paskins, was scheduled to be in New York City... Read More

A Shakespearean Summer

In the mood for some Shakespeare this summer? If so, you can join English Professor Paul Willis and other Westmont alums for three days at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Aug. 1-4, 2002. This literary adventure includes attending... Read More

An Online Legacy

Published: Spring 2002 in Parents

An expert on planned giving and president and CEO of a company that markets planned giving software, Charles Schultz does more than just talk about giving. As the parents of two Westmont graduates, he and his wife, Ardis, support the... Read More

A Family Connection

Published: Spring 2002 in Parents

As students at large, state universities, Joe and Karen Moderow didn’t realize what they were missing until after they graduated. They wanted something different for their son David ’02, and encouraged him to try Westmont. They’ve become enthusiastic advocates... Read More

You Can't Be Anything You Want to Be

Do we inspire students when we say, “With hard work and persistence, you can be anything you want to be”? I don’t think so. This often-quoted platitude simply isn’t true and may actually cause harm. Think about it. How... Read More

God Bless America: Can Christians Be Too Patriotic?

David Lawrence Long before Sept. 11, Americans have argued over patriotism. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “My affections were first for my country, and then, generally, for mankind.” James Russell Lowell said, “There is something magnificent in having a country to... Read More

Building for Education

As part of Westmont’s capital campaign, “Embracing the Past, Ensuring the Future,” the Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation of Los Angeles has given $500,000 toward a new building for the sciences, the David K. Winter Hall for Science and... Read More

Progress for Programs

While buildings are a visible result of gifts, Westmont’s capital campaign has also raised money for important programs that benefit students and faculty. A $475,000 grant from the Irvine Foundation has funded work in two areas: reforming curricular and... Read More

A Legacy for Students

Westmont and the Santa Barbara Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse have received the first installment of a nearly $1.2 million bequest from the estate of Virginia Perle, which will be split evenly between the recipients. The money will... Read More

Master Plan Under Review

With the campaign to raise funds for two new buildings nearly over, the next task is obtaining approval to construct the Adams Center for the Visual Arts and the David K. Winter Hall for Science and Mathematics. In 1995,... Read More

Senior Stewardship

Published: Spring 2002 in Giving

During the last busy weeks of their college career, more and more seniors are adding an item to their graduation checklist: make a gift to Westmont. The Senior Stewardship campaign for the class of 2002 set a goal of... Read More

A Passion for Civility

Mike Giuliano is a busy guy. He teaches communication studies classes at Westmont and chairs his department. Coach of the women’s soccer team, he has led them to two national titles in three years. He also directs the successful... Read More

The Basketball Elite

Behind the play of All-American Chris Clark, the men’s basketball team advanced to the fifth Elite Eight in Westmont history at the 2002 NAIA National Tournament in March. Despite entering their 13th NAIA National Tournament as an at-large team,... Read More

A Lesson in Conflict

When Ryan Vitkus ’02 decided to spend a semester studying conflict resolution at American University in Washington, D.C., he didn’t expect to experience conflict first-hand. Only two miles from the Pentagon on Sept. 11, he witnessed the smoke and... Read More

Fire Razes Building

A campus building erected for staff displaced by the 1970 Kerrwood Hall fire burned beyond repair February 26. The physical plant facility, which housed the college’s auto shop, paint shop and grounds equipment storage, caught on fire when a... Read More

New Provost Named

After a national search, Shirley A. Mullen, professor of history and interim academic dean at Westmont, was named  provost, effective Aug. 1. “I can’t think of a better person to give leadership to the college’s programs,” said President Stan... Read More

One Day in May

Three generations gathered at Commencement May 4 to celebrate their latest Westmont graduation. Kirsten White received her degree in English, with her parents, Steve ’76 and Sharon Gerlach ’78 White in the audience. Her grandparents, Harlan and Ruth Gerlach,... Read More

Learning to Rest

A few months ago, Judy and I were sharing prayer concerns, and she asked me to pray for a family from the Midwest we didn’t know — friends of a friend. Their son had taken his life just weeks... Read More