Summer 1999 Archive:

The Importance of Research

I find that most people view the mission of a college like Westmont in terms of helping our students grow, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. To be sure this is our mission; it is a very exciting and fulfilling challenge,... Read More

Celebrating Commencement

Adorning their caps with flowers and vines, 273 seniors celebrated their graduation from Westmont on May 8. The Golden Warriors, members of the class of 1949, also marched at the ceremony as they marked their 50th reunion. In her talk,... Read More

A Second Million from Mericos

The Mericos Foundation of South Pasadena has approved a $1 million challenge grant to Westmont for a building for the sciences. Completing this facility and a new art center nearby is part of the college’s long-range plan. The foundation,... Read More

A Dean Decides to Leave

Few people at Westmont know as many students, parents, and alumni as Dave Morley, the dean of admissions for the past 17 years. So his decision to leave and take a challenging position at Santa Barbara City College has... Read More

Eight New All-Americans

In the best finish ever, Westmont ended the 1998-99 year in a tie for seventh place in the National Associ-ation of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)  Sears Directors’ Cup competition. This is the  fourth year in a row Westmont has placed... Read More

Gieser Generosity

Published: Summer 1999 in Giving

Ernest Gieser knew little about Westmont when he wrote to the college in 1964 and asked about a gift annuity. Tipped off by a mutual friend familiar with the Gieser’s financial holdings, Gordon Caswell, the chief development officer, flew... Read More

A Parting Gift

Published: Summer 1999 in Giving

Choosing the name “Senior Challenge” for the class of 1999’s fund-raising drive, the Senior Gift Committee  urged their classmates to set a new record for class participation. The seniors more than met the challenge with a record 47 percent... Read More

Westmont Fund Tops Goal

Once again, The Westmont Fund has exceeded its goal. Gifts during the 1998– 99 fiscal year (July– June) totaled $1,673,879, which is $323,879 or 24 percent above the target. Alumni, parents, and friends of the college contribute to The... Read More

A Willing Volunteer

Published: Summer 1999 in Giving

When a job needs to be done, Dick Archer steps forward. He says he has led successful businesses, boards, and fund-raising drives simply because no one else volunteered. A founding member of the Westmont Board of Advisors, he is... Read More

Leaps of Faith

An excerpt from a chapel address by Amy Meyer ’96 I want to tell you how my developing faith is a series of staggers from one relatively safe place to another. Like lily pads, round and green, these places... Read More

Cults, Christians, and the Coming Millenium

As the year 2000 creeps closer, fascination with the new millennium increases. The media is exploring every angle of the story, including the reaction of established and non-traditional religious groups. Westmont Professor Ronald Enroth, a nationally known expert on... Read More

Parents Host Send-Offs

Published: Summer 1999 in Parents

Parents of new students in nine cities met with Jane Hideko Higa ’73, dean of students and vice president for student life, and Mary Hubbard Given ’76, executive director of alumni and parent relations, at special Send-Offs held in... Read More

Byting Back at the Millennium Bug

Published: Summer 1999 in Parents

When  the computers on campus change over to January 1, 2000, all will be well. Westmont is taking every step necessary to prevent disruptions from the millennium bug, or the inability of some systems to understand the date 2000.... Read More

A Family Tradition

Published: Summer 1999 in Parents

Attending Westmont is a family affair for Steve ’76 and Sharon Gerlach ’78 White. Sharon’s parents, Harlan and Ruth Sauerwein Gerlach, belong to the class of 1952, and Steve and Sharon have siblings who are alums: Julie White Pickering... Read More

Integrity and Initiative

What is the primary goal of estate planning? Is it providing for heirs, minimizing estate taxation, protecting heirs from creditors (and sometimes from themselves), or minimizing probate costs? While these goals are meritorious, they miss the mark. Most parents... Read More

A Commitment to Youth

William Wilson Catherwood was one of the best known and most eloquent preachers in Southern California during the World Wars and intervening years. His ministry focused on young people, and Redlands University invited him to serve on their board.... Read More

Friendly Class Competition

Published: Summer 1999 in Giving

The 1999 graduates, the newest group of Westmont alums, have raised the bar in class giving. During the most successful senior gift campaign in Westmont history, an impressive 46 percent participated. Ten reunion classes will announce their gift totals... Read More

Theology and Managed Care

Twice Leeba Lessin ’79 thought she was leaving the health care industry, but twice she has returned. Since 1986 when she started a health-maintenance organization (HMO) in Santa Barbara, she has played a leading role in a managed care... Read More

Preaching to the Portuguese

Rich ’49 and Pearl Taylor Denham have dedicated their lives to reaching Portuguese-speaking people and spreading God’s word and Christian literature throughout Brazil. “Serving our Lord has not been easy,” said Rich, “but it has been very rewarding.” After... Read More

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Great Kids

After working for 28 years as a therapist and raising two daughters, Ed Wimberly ’68 has decided to share some of his ideas about parenting through a new Web site, There he lists 21 questions parents can ask... Read More

A Childhood Interest

Coming from a family that frequently housed foster children, Dr. Christian Eby ’92 knew from an early age he wanted to be a doctor and work with children. A 1990 Potter’s Clay missions trip confirmed this desire when he... Read More

Musician Mori

Dr. Paul Mori ’77 shares his passion for music in many ways. He inspires his students at Highline Community College in Seattle, Wash., to think about music in new ways; he directs and guides the passions of the Rainier... Read More

Encountering the Unexpected

When Stacey Padrick ’88 graduated from Westmont with a degree in economics and business, she never thought she would end up as a writer. In fact, she says she strongly disliked writing in college. But she knows better than... Read More

Wallace Emerson Society

Although Jim and Della Melin ’87 Peterson met at the Westmont fountain, only Della attended the college. But Jim saw how much she grew there, and he respects the students he has hired in his finish contracting business. He... Read More