Summer 2000 Archive:

Beliefs Matter

A few weeks ago, a recent Westmont graduate was telling me about his girlfriend. We were discussing the emotional side of their friendship and the role that “romance” should play in their decision regarding marriage. I was very impressed... Read More

The Search Is On

Under the leadership of Trustee Gary Harris, the Presidential Search Committee  has begun its task of recommending Westmont’s seventh president to the board of trustees. After 25 years, David Winter will step down as president June 30, 2001. At... Read More

Studying Faith and Learning

Thanks to funding by a grant from the Lilly Foundation, Westmont is participating in a faculty-exchange program with three other universities. Richard Hughes, a professor at Pepperdine University, secured the grant for the project, which includes Pepperdine, Loyola-Marymount University,... Read More

The Class of 2004

The 386 new students expected to enroll at Westmont this fall have impressive credentials. For the first time ever, a total of six National Merit Scholars have chosen to attend Westmont. Average SAT scores and grade-point averages of the new... Read More

Refuting the Jesus Seminar

When the Santa Barbara News-Press printed a story about a seminar on the historical Jesus at Westmont in June, it sounded so interesting, dozens of people called the college asking to attend. But the session, led by retired New... Read More

Two for $500,000

Published: Summer 2000 in Giving

Westmont has received two $500,000 pledges to support college priorities. The Nagler Family Foundation of Reno, Nev., pledged $500,000 toward a new building for the sciences, completing a match for a $1 million challenge grant from the Mericos Foundation... Read More

A Textbook Business Plan

Phillip Harnsberger ’00 had never done any public speaking when he made the closing presentation at the 2000 Central Coast Venture Forum May 25. The venture capitalists and entrepreneurs present packed the room to hear about, a proposed... Read More

Competition and Comparison

“As a scholar and an athlete, my life has been ruled by comparison. Athletic and academic competition is healthy; it promotes excellence. And acknowledging spiritual and physical talents is right. But I have had to draw a fine line... Read More

The Healing Power of Stories

Some students in medical school are taking unusual subjects these days: classes in literature and medicine. To aid professors in this field, Marilyn Chandler McEntyre and Anne Hunsaker Hawkins of Penn State Medical School have co-edited a source book for... Read More

Students Step Up

Published: Summer 2000 in Giving

Once again, the Westmont Fund has exceeded its annual goal. By the end of the 1999-2000 fiscal year, the college had raised $1.75 million to support ongoing programs, 17 percent above the target of $1.5 million. Alumni, parents, friends,... Read More

Gaede's List

“What do you want from me, anyway?” Sometimes this is the question of a student in trouble or one exasperated by high expectations. But sometimes it’s the question of a senior, facing the future, and wondering about life after... Read More

My European Education

A few weeks into Europe Semester, I began expecting a given reaction from tour guides, bus drivers, and hotel clerks. They opened their eyes a little wider and asked “For how long?” or “To how many cities?” or “Students... Read More

Going Off and Drawing Near

Published: Summer 2000 in Parents

One of my first memories of teaching at Westmont is leaving the house one night to meet some students, with my son literally clinging to my leg, tears streaming down his cheeks. I recall dreaming sociologically, wondering if we... Read More

The Comfort of Community

Published: Summer 2000 in Parents

When she sent her only child to Westmont last year, Myrtle Luning didn’t realize she had a more difficult and traumatic parting just ahead. A few months later, her husband, Eugene Sr., died unexpectedly during heart surgery. “We have... Read More

A Class Gift

Published: Summer 2000 in Giving

The class of 1949 has decided to do together what they might not be able to do separately: create a Class of 1949 Endowed Scholarship Fund to assist qualified needy students who can’t afford to attend Westmont. “As the... Read More

Coming Soon to Campus

Westmont has an exciting weekend planned for Homecoming 2000. Alumni can celebrate their memories of life as Westmont students while participating in new traditions and catching a glimpse of life on campus today. Both Friday and Saturday are packed... Read More

Teaching Students to Teach

Jeanette Lowe Hsieh ’64 thought she was a wonderful teacher when she began her career in a Deerfield, Ill., elementary school. “My students were so motivated —  they all wanted to learn,” she recalls. Then she went to work... Read More

On the E-Commerce Edge

After Scott Clarke ’76 landed a job as a technical analyst right out of college, he decided he liked people better than machines. He had transferred to Stanford after two years at Westmont to earn a B.S. in mathematical... Read More

Tasting the Fruits of Ministry

As a sophomore, Dick Tice ’50 climbed up the mountains surrounding Westmont’s with a singular purpose. He had set aside a day and carried with him only a Bible. His mission was to discover what God had planned for... Read More

A Coach for Life

With a lifetime record of 600-68 losses, two California state championships, and at least 25 former athletes playing college ball, Joe Vaughn ’68 has certainly succeeded as Buena High School’s girl’s basketball coach. Yet he measures success by the... Read More

A Monumental Victory

When last interviewed, Dave Willis ’74 was heading up Sierra Treks and taking politicians, government officials, and media on “Littlefoot Expeditions” to see for themselves the remarkable biological diversity of Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains. Since 1983, he’s sought wilderness status... Read More

The Benefits of Thinking Big

Jeff Crosby ’85 likes to think big. In business, he goes after the major accounts. He competes in triathlons in addition to exercising regularly. And when he coached basketball, he sought to make a lifelong impact. Jeff grew up... Read More

A Doctor’s Perscription for Life

The fast-paced life of an emergency room doctor appeals to Dr. Heather Marshall ’96. As the first person to see patients, she makes the diagnosis and sets the tone for dealing with their illness or injury. She enjoys the... Read More

Laser Man

More school is often the last thing college graduates seek. For Chris Aubuchon ’94, however, life after Westmont has meant nothing but school. He has completed nearly six years of graduate work at Stanford University in its world-renowned chemistry... Read More

Wallace Emerson Society

Although Steve ’74 and Sharon Jenks ’75 Hughes both went to Westmont, they didn’t meet until he came back to coach track and field and she returned as resident director in Clark with a master’s in counseling education from... Read More