Summer 2001 Archive:

Wallace Emerson Society

When Kirk and Bonnie Steele’s daughter, Lisa, transferred to Westmont from UC Santa Barbara, they wondered why she left the prestigious university. But when they visited campus and met the faculty, they fell in love. “There are a lot... Read More

A Developing Business

As a Westmont student, Demetri Argyropoulos ’00 knew what he wanted to do after graduation: help businesses grow. The challenge of designing business infrastructure to maximize success intrigued him. Now the president and CEO of Prima Consulting Group, he... Read More

Cars Online

What does Carter Crocket ’91 do besides living in the inner city of Seattle as a ministry opportunity, participating in endurance competitions, serving on Westmont’s alumni board, and attempting to write a children’s novel? He is the president of... Read More

Learning to Live with Mystery

Adventurous by nature, Stacey Padrick ’88 struggles with the limitations systemic lupus imposes on her. Diagnosed with the illness in 1994, she has changed her career and her life to cope with the incurable disease. Although it has been... Read More

Celebrating Connections

By Dana Mill-Powell ’77 and Rebecca Mason ’76 Fourteen former Westmont women and their close friends and families gathered in the Santa Cruz Mountains in July 2000 for a reunion celebrating lifelong friendships and deep connections. These friendships had... Read More

A Mental Challenge

Jeff Swanson ’79 knows how he would like to be remembered: As a good parent and as someone whose work helped alleviate suffering. Both ambitions present challenges for the medical sociologist, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences... Read More

Art in the Family

Growing up in a family that valued the arts encouraged Steve Shelton ’76 to develop his talent as a singer and songwriter. In May he released his second CD, “Do What You Do Best.” His distinctive style and voice... Read More

Joyful Growth

Businesses tend to measure success by growth in both size and revenue. According to this standard, Kathy Greig Rowland ’75, the director of Joy of Living Bible Studies, has certainly been successful. But her greatest achievement may be that... Read More

The Second Time Around

LaVelle Franklin Johnston ’82 never thought she would play matchmaker for her own mother. But when her father died in 1992, she watched her mother’s social life begin to dwindle. When she asked her mom, Carolyn Bergen Franklin ’59,... Read More

Women as Theologians

Although Carolyn Custis James ’70 took as many religious studies classes as she could from Professor Robert Gundry, she never considered going to seminary. She didn’t know any women who were. Thankful that Gundry had taken her to a... Read More

A Shakespearean Ensemble

The play’s the thing that brought a group of 37 Westmont alumni together for three days in July. They traveled to Ashland, Ore., to attend the famed Shakespeare Festival. During the event, they saw three plays: “The Merchant of... Read More

Home Away from Home

Published: Summer 2001 in Parents

The first church family camp Sam and Carolyn Chetti attended with their daughter took place at Westmont. They didn’t know it at the time, but they would soon return to drop Darshana off for her first year of college.... Read More

Help with Homework

Published: Summer 2001 in Parents

The rigor of Westmont’s academic program sometimes takes students — and their parents — by surprise. One of the first comments parents may hear when school starts is, “My classes are hard!” The transition from the senior year in... Read More

Give a Gift, Get an Income

Throughout their lives, Paul ’56 and Nancy Vriend ’57 Preddy have found ways to serve. In their professions — education and nursing — they have focused on helping others. For six years, they lived in Zaire and helped establish... Read More

Heart, Head and Hands

The Fall 2001 Convocation Address by President Stan Gaede “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before God made anything at all and is supreme over all creation. Christ is the one through whom God... Read More

A Tale of Three Families

Tom Lynch ’74, Richard Salyer and Rich Kredel have a lot in common. Not only have they worked in real estate law or development, served together on the Stamps Foundation board, and been active church members, but they all... Read More

The Campaign for Westmont

Gifts Honor David Winter Thanks to an outpouring of support for David Winter, who retired as president of Westmont in June, the campaign has received an impressive number of gifts in recent months. A total of 1,246 alumni, parents... Read More

Westmont Fund Goal Achieved

For the sixth straight year, the Westmont Fund has reached its goal. Thanks to generous donations from alumni, parents, friends, and foundations, the college raised nearly $1.8 million in annual giving during the fiscal year that ended June 30,... Read More

An Unconvential Sports Story

As I reflect upon my odyssey at Westmont College, turning the pages of my mind from one memory to the next, I am struck by a fascinating curiosity. My most cherished memories, or “airport stories” as a dear friend... Read More

Noticing Grace

22 January 2001 The more we see, the more practiced our eyes and our ears become, the more we will discover that God makes Himself known in a myriad of moments: moments of physical or natural beauty; moments of... Read More

A Change in Perspective

The words “perspective,” “gratitude” and “humility” were just that to Nate Ritzau: words. But during a summer missions trip to India and Nepal with the Westmont team, he confronted images that gave life to these words. Despite some sightseeing,... Read More

Artistic Landscapes

Carl Johnson, an internationally known landscape architect and planner, has given Westmont 10 prints featuring English landscapes by John Brunsdon. A distinguished British printmaker, Brunsdon has exhibited his work in Europe and the United States. Each one is hand-etched,... Read More

Goodbye to Glen

After 24 years of fund raising at Westmont, Glen Adams retired Aug. 31. He joined the staff in 1977 as vice president for college advancement and became assistant executive vice president and director of major gifts in 1994. He... Read More

A New Story Begins

As one of his last official duties, President David Winter presided over the college’s 2001 commencement ceremony. In personal remarks to the graduating seniors, he expressed confidence that God would be faithful to them throughout their lives. He based... Read More

First Things

Well, I am sitting here in my new office trying to figure out what to do. My books are all in place. Judy helped me to rearrange the furniture, so the office appears to be prepared for the next... Read More