Winter 2001 Archive:

Wallace Emerson Society

Don and Christine Anderson, active members of the Santa Barbara community, have come to know Westmont through its people. A graduate of St. Olaf College in Minnesota who earned an M.B.A. at Harvard, Don knows the value of Christian higher... Read More

Love Means Never Having to Say Shut Up

By Lloyd Grove, Washington Post Staff Writer At Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Calif., senior Erik Lokkesmoe and his roommates were known for blasting their stereo and making other obnoxious noises in the wee hours. “It wasn’t only the... Read More

Developing a Job

Most people apply for specific job openings, and most employers seek to fill specific spots. But it didn’t work that way for Rowdy Montgomery ’86, the new vice president of development at R.G. Brinkmann. When he learned that the... Read More

Five Friends from Westmont

A group of Westmont alumni have traded the hills of Montecito for the winters of Illinois to attend graduate school at Wheaton College. Chris Bergmann ’96 left Westmont intent on fulfilling the visions God placed in his heart. He... Read More

Who’s Playing for a Million Dollars?

As a joke at work, Rob McDaniel ’90 starting dialing the contestant line for the ABC television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Anyone answering three questions correctly has a chance to advance to the next round of... Read More

Patient Listening

Heather Thoelecke ’00 has known she wanted to be a doctor since she was in seventh grade. But she had no idea how difficult the road to that goal would be — or how those difficulties would change her... Read More

A Miracle Cure

After battling diabetes for 35 years, Carolyn McKissick Stout ’84 was in no mood for a self-help book, a guide to conquering the illness that had been conquering her. She was living with it, day in and day out.... Read More

Saving the Best for Last

Now that they’ve retired, Bill and Carol Nill ’64 Beard spend their time doing work they love. Bill helps students at UC Los Angeles find jobs as chemical engineers, and Carol teaches homeschooled children at an innovative, part-time school. After... Read More

Prayer Brings Partners Together

Sometimes a quick decision can have a lasting effect, as Dave Hancock ’67 has learned. “I praise God for the day I responded positively to a simple request from the Westmont Alumni Association that I consider having a current... Read More

Finding Work along the Border

After a 34-year career in higher education writing books and teaching philosophy and religious studies, Jerry Gill ’56 decided to retire in 1994 and leave Albany, N.Y., for Tucson, Ariz. But he didn’t enjoy the lack of focus in... Read More

Alumni Board Notes

Most colleges and universities have an active alumni board, and Westmont is no exception. We are a fairly young college in the grand scheme of respected institutions, but I am delighted to report that our alumni board is not... Read More

Partners for Life

A committed couple since high school, Arol ’75 and Jane Paradise ’75 Wolford are partners in marriage, business, parenting, volunteer work, and a book project. They share a passion for architecture and a desire to serve God by serving... Read More

On the Leading Edge

Phil Dunkelberger ’80 has spent his career at the forefront of high-tech trends. Hired by Xerox in 1981, he sold some of the first personal computers, work stations and networking systems ever made. During 20 years in the computer... Read More

In Case of Emergency

When the lights went out at Westmont during the recent power shortage, the college’s crisis response turned on. A subgroup of the Crisis Management Team met to discuss the situation and resolve problems. For example, when students had difficulty... Read More

When Children Go to College

Parents respond differently when their children leave for college. Some go into mourning and leave the empty bedroom untouched as a kind of shrine. They mope around for months and sit at home, hoping for a phone call. Gradually... Read More

Deepening Your Conversation with God

There were about five hundred college students in the auditorium on that muggy August night at Forest Home Christian Conference in Southern California. I have no idea what the other four hundred and ninety-nine were doing, but I know... Read More

A Campaign Challenge

After its public announcement at a festive dinner in October, The Campaign for Westmont is receiving broad support from alumni, parents, and friends. With gifts exceeding $45 million, this important drive has reached 96 percent of its $47 million... Read More

American Politics 101

As he does every four years, Political Science Professor Dave Lawrence taught a mini-class during Homecoming on the presidential election. Based on the polls in September, he suggested that Gov. Bush could win the popular vote but lose the... Read More

Beginning a Dialogue on the Liberal Arts

What distinguishes a Westmont education from programs at other colleges and universities? A crucial element, of course, is that Westmont offers a Christian education. But more than that, Westmont provides a Christian liberal arts education. This combination of factors... Read More

Sports in Review

Warrior sports teams continue to be strong competitors at both the regional and national levels. The fall and winter sports seasons produced a number of highlights. Basketball Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams got off to strong starts.... Read More

A Matter of Debate

Yes or no: Debaters can argue passionately about an issue while maintaining a civil and logical manner. Professor Mike Giuliano makes a strong case for the affirmative side of this proposition. A communications studies faculty member who coordinates Westmont’s... Read More

Birch to Retire

When Edward Birch came to Westmont in 1993, he promised to serve as executive vice president for five years. Graciously, he extended that time to work on crucial projects such as the capital campaign and marketing. But he has... Read More

Board Elects New Chairman

David Eaton, general partner of the Phoenix Suns, an NBA franchise, and the Arizona Diamondbacks, a National League baseball team, has been elected chairman of the Westmont College Board of Trustees. Eaton began his term in October, replacing Santa... Read More

Lights Go Out, Class Goes On

Unlike many Californians, people at Westmont are convinced that the state confronts a critical power crisis. Since July 2000, the college’s electricity has been interrupted 33 times for a total of 108 hours. About half that time officials turned... Read More