Status Updates

Toll-free dialing was restored on the same day we announced it was down.

We are experiencing an outage with toll free dialing.

Problems with off campus telephone service

We are having problems with telephone service to off campus.  Both outgoing and incoming off campus calls are getting a busy signal.  Our telecom department is working to solve the problem.

Myfiles, Ellucidate and UPkeep are back up.

Problems with myfiles, Upkeep and Ellucidate

We are having issues with myfiles, and unrelated issues with Upkeep and Ellucidate.  We are working on these and hope to have them solved soon.

Delays of messages to Mailman lists and email alias addresses

This is a problem with our spamfilter and mail server which we have been working with Barracuda Networks to solve.

Friday, March 28 early morning outage in Library

From 1:00 to 5:00 AM power will be out in Library.  From 1:00 to 2:00 AM some server services will not be available.

Mail is OK. The problem seems to have been intermittent

Google Mail is down

There is a problem with Westmont Google Mail.  We are investigating.

Contribute login problems due to WebDAV issues

We are working on it.