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Miramar Opponents Claim Montecito Association Failing Its Mandate

While Rick Caruso waits for his Miramar Hotel project to head to the Montecito Planning Commission on August 6, some are questioning whether the Montecito Association  is being diligent in protecting the unique qualities of the community. Past Montecito Association president  J’Amy Brown, who had the Coral Casino, Westmont College, and Music Academy projects crawl through the county pipeline on her watch, said the association usually holds steadfast to the community plan. more

Memorable Events in S.B.’s History: A Chronology

To many who sat through the interminable high school history classes learning the names of Roman emperors or what centuries denote the Middle Ages, history is nothing more than names and dates. It is to these readers, who performed the dance of joy on completing their last required history class, that we offer this history of Santa Barbara: stripped down to the bone and sinew, to names and dates. 1945-Westmont College and Brooks Institute of Photography are founded. more

New business recycles restaurant grease for free

Local entrepreneurs Craig and Lorena Boyce and Mark and Amanda Craig have launched Coastal Byproducts, an earth-friendly recycling business that specializes in recycling grease and cooking oil from businesses where food is served, for free. Santa Barbara-based, Boyce, 38, is a graduate of Westmont College. more

A Wedding Makes Opera Cinematic: Bolcom Unbound

The Music Academy of the West will stage William Bolcom’s effervescent opera A Wedding next week at the Lobero Theatre. Violinist Philip Ficsor, a member of the Westmont College music faculty, knows Bolcom’s music well, having recorded all of his works for violin and piano. more

Meet the Next Business Guru: Aristotle

Carter Crockett realized the prospect of profits is an effective motivator but questioned whether a healthy bottom line truly overrides all other moral concerns. Crockett, an assistant professor of economics and business at Westmont, speaks of Aristotle’s concept of “excellence,” which he considers a more meaningful goal than maximizing profits. more

First Presbyterian Church of Chili gets new pastor

Rev. Brandi Wooten is now solo pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Chili after two years of being an associate pastor in Massachusetts. There were challenges along the way. While she attended Westmont College in California, some of the students thought it was wrong for a woman to be ordained in the ministry. more

Out & About : Wilson to lead alumni association

Laura Davis Wilson has been named president of the Santa Barbara High School Alumni Association. She is an academic secretary at Westmont College and active in Citizens for Neighborhood Schools. more

10 vie for Visalia Teen Idol crown

Teenagers from Visalia and Tulare will compete for the Visalia Teen Idol title Aug. 9 at the Visalia Fox Theatre. Kylie Castro got her first taste of singing as Dorothy in a production of “The Wiz.” Kylie lives in Three Rivers and works at Reimer’s. She graduated from Exeter High School and will attend Westmont College in the fall. more


A popular Fiesta party for Republicans each year is the Montecito Hope Ranch Republican Women’s Club benefit for the college scholarship fund. Three scholarships were presented to outstanding students, including Maggie Heenan at Westmont. more

Biodiesel becoming more popular

Eco-entrepreneurs Craig Boyce, 38, and Mark Craig, 30, started the company to tap material not often associated with the word commodity — grease and fry oil. More than 20 customers, most from the county, have contracted with Coastal Byproducts. Clients in Santa Barbara include Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort, Westmont College, East Beach Grill and the Habit. more

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