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Food for Thought: The Theological Life of Pi

For Pi Day this year, chew on this: Does God know all the digits in pi? Or does he know the answer to the myriad of unresolved mathematical problems out there today? … Russell Howell is a professor of mathematics at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He holds degrees in mathematics and computer science. He is co-editor and contributor to Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective (Eerdmans, 2001), and Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith (HarperOne, 2011). more

What Animals Teach Christians about Getting Along

The deadly marine wonder, the Portuguese man o’ war, resembles a jellyfish with its beautiful blue and purple ship-shaped bladder and impressive 30-foot stinging tentacles… According to Jeff Schloss, a biology professor at Westmont College and senior scholar at the BioLogos Foundation, neither view­­—all idyllic or all strife—does justice to the wonder of creation.  more

All Christians Are Biased Voters

I have fond memories of fall 2008. Having recently earned my PhD, I had just begun my academic career at Westmont College in Southern California. Since it was a presidential election year, I decided to focus my social psychology course on the psychology of political attitudes: how they are formed, how they are maintained, and how they can predict voting behavior. more

Did Matthew Think Peter Was a False Disciple?

leading evangelical scholar says Matthew thought Peter was as bad as Judas.

Robert Gundry, scholar-in-residence and professor emeritus of New Testament and Greek at Westmont College, argues in his most recent book, Peter – False Disciple and Apostate according to Saint Matthew (Eerdmans), that “Matthew portrays Peter as a false disciple of Jesus, a disciple who went so far as to apostatize.” He believes Matthew does so to warn Christians “against the loss of salvation through falsity-exposing apostasy” and against the “ongoing presence of false disciples in the church.” more


CCCU: Christian Colleges that Permit Professors in Same-Sex Marriages Resign Membership

CT’s past coverage of the CCCU includes how it hired its first female president, as well as fired its previous president and settled his resulting lawsuit. CT also noted the death of CCCU cofounder and former Westmont College president David Winter, theloosening of denominational ties among Christian colleges, and the 11 CCCU members that offer the best chance of finding a spouse. more

Enlarging the Imagination: A conversation with Shirley Mullen.

The quintessential college campus is located in a rural area, defined by park-like grounds, and dotted by white-columned buildings. Instead of being held in cavernous lecture halls, classes take place outside in semi-circles where 18-22 year olds intently focus on the oratorical skills of accomplished scholars. After class, students find themselves woven into tight-knit communities, study with great diligence, and spend their free time discussing the writings of Homer, Aristotle, and Shakespeare over coffee. … Shirley Mullen assumed the presidency of Houghton College just prior to the current recession. Having served at Westmont College for 23 years, first as faculty member and later as provost, Mullen came to Houghton in 2006 to serve as president of her alma mater. The experience, while challenging, has also proven more rewarding than she could have ever imagined. more

PEOPLE Westmont Grieves Passing of Former President David Winter

A memorial service will be held on Saturday for David K. Winter, longtime president of Westmont College and cofounder of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

Winter died August 15. He was 84. more

No More Love for Christian Author’s Holocaust Romance

Kate Breslin’s debut Christian romance novel had all the elements of a hit. Set during World War II, For Such a Time features a brave heroine who risks her life to try to save her people from being killed during the Holocaust. Along the way, she wins the heart of a handsome older man. …“For the Jews, the story of Esther is a story of salvation. Christian celebration of the story has, in recent years, gone a very different direction to turn Esther into a churchified Disney princess,” wrote Caryn Reeder, who researches biblical and classical accounts of women in war. more

Pope Francis Wants To Know What Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N. T. Wright Think about Marriage

Even Southern Baptists know not to turn down an invitation from the Pope. Rick Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Church, and Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, will meet Pope Francis and offer an “evangelical Protestant” perspective as part of a Vatican colloquium on marriage and family held this November 17-19. “I am willing to go anywhere, when asked, to bear witness to what we as evangelical Protestants believe about marriage and the gospel, especially in times in which marriage is culturally imperiled,” wrote Moore on why he’s going to the Vatican despite his disagreements with the Pope. … The Pope has increasingly been interacting with a number of notable Protestants, including Geoff Tunnicliffe and Brian Stiller of the World Evangelical Alliance, pastor Joel Osteen, televangelists Kenneth Copeland and James Robison, members of the Green family (founders of Hobby Lobby), and Westmont College president Gayle Beebe. “We are brothers,” Francis told a gathering of Pentecostal leaders at a Copeland conference. more

4 Questions to Identify a Repeat-Offender Church

How do you accurately assess a church that expresses interest in you, particularly if there have been serious problems in its history? At Titus Task Force, which provides interim pastors for troubled congregations, we suggest four questions to identify congregations likely to break your heart. …act like Legion in the swine. W hen I was on the faculty of Westmont College, I frequently drove to the campus on my Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycle along a beautiful, seven-mile stretch of the California…more