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Dozens of Children Abused at Evangelical Commune, Adult Survivors Allege

But as a community, JPUSA has been dogged by controversy since the 1994publication of Recovering from Churches That Abuse. In that book, Ron Enroth, author and Westmont College sociologist, chronicled how former JPUSA members reported being spiritually abused. more

The Second Calling of a Christian Burnout: Amidst a turbulent season of life, Carolyn Weber learned to see the sheer joy of every moment with God.

I arrived at Westmont so battered—personally, from academia, and living an intellectual life as a Christian. I have been traditionally at Jesuit institutions, which overall have been wonderful. There was some of the same push and pull as secular institutions, but there were great Christian traditions too. more

Died: Dallas Willard, ‘Divine Conspiracy’ Author and Philosopher

Dallas Willard, a prominent philosopher on a “quiet quest to subvert nominal Christianity” (according to a 2006 CT profile), died today after losing a battle with cancer. He was 77. … According to Gary Moon, executive director of the Dallas Willard Center at Westmont College, Willard died early Wednesday morning, but “awakened to a full experience of the reality of the Kingdom of the Heavens he described so beautifully. Fittingly, his last two words were, “‘Thank you.'” more

Life and Death in Focus, Theme of the week: A Matter of Life and Death

Who Said It … Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson is the campus pastor at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He is a contributing editor for Christianity Today magazine and Leadership Journal. Ben is also the author of several books including God’s Prayer Book: The Power and Pleasure of Praying the Psalms, Deepening Your Conversations with God, and Muscular Faith. Ben and his wife, Lauretta, have four adult children and one grandson.

What he Said … Life and Death in Focus

It’s hard to follow Jesus, but it’s a good hard. To follow Jesus is to choose life over death, heaven over hell forever. The road to life is a good hard. The road to hell is easy, but it ends in a very, very bad hard. [See Mark 8:35-37 and Matt. 7:13-14.] more

The Manti Te’o Hoax, from the Perspective of a Football Fanatic’s Wife

Lesley Sebek Miller, a Westmont College graduate, lives in Sacramento, California. She is a member of the Redbud Writers Guild, and her work has appeared in Relevant Magazine. more

Evangelical Evolutionists Meet in New York: N. T. Wright, Tim Keller, John Ortberg among Biologos conference attendees.

Participants seemed particularly appreciative of Westmont College’s Jeffrey Schloss, who presented an elegant overview of evidence for evolution and closed with a critique of more

Clothing in Church: Why It Matters

My little brother is one of my favorite people. He is patient and gentle and considerate and funny. (Although I would never tell him that.) He is in his last year at Westmont College, my alma mater, and for the past few years has been putting his music composition major to use by playing in the band at a local church on Sunday mornings. more

John Stott: A Uniter and a Divider; A new biography portrays both the evangelist’s triumphs and his frustrations.

Alister Chapman’s Godly Ambition: John Stott and the Evangelical Movement (Oxford University Press), the first biography of Stott published by an academic press, helps us assess his legacy with critical distance. Chapman, associate professor of history at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, never persuaded Stott to grant an interview. more

“Not Another Bloody Chicken!” Britain between 1945 and 1957

Like many people living overseas, I like to keep up on events back home. A subscription to The Economist gives me the pulse of English politics, theLondon Review of Books helps me keep my English academic feet wet, and regular visits to the BBC Sport website allow me to follow the disappointments of the England football/soccer team. But there is nothing like a trip home to find out how home is really doing. … Elliott for drowning squirrels. Alister Chapman is associate professor of history at Westmont College. more

The Search for the Historical Adam: The center of the evolution debate has shifted from asking whether we came from earlier animals to whether we could have come from one man and one woman

Secularist brows furrowed in 2009 when President Obama chose prominent atheist-turned-Christian Francis S. Collins to be the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Under the Los Angeles Times headline “Fit to Head the NIH?,” Skeptic magazine’s Michael Shermer fretted that Collins’s beliefs might somehow corrupt America’s biggest biomedical research agency. In a New York Times piece, atheist Sam Harris was similarly “uncomfortable,” fearing in particular that a Collins administration might “seriously undercut” fields like neuroscience. Jerry Coyne, a University of Chicago expert on evolution, carped that the nominee’s “scary,” “bizarre,” “inane,” and “snake oil” ideas “pollute his science with his faith.” … In yet another BioLogos article, Tremper Longman III of Westmont College admits, “I have not resolved this issue in my own mind except to say that there is nothing that insists on a literal understanding of Adam in a passage [Gen. 1-3] so filled with obvious figurative description.” He is similarly open-minded on the question of Paul’s epistles because “it is possible, even natural, to make an analogy between a literary figure and a historical one.” After BioLogos promoted Longman’s views in a video last year, Reformed Theological Seminary ended Longman’s role as an adjunct faculty member. more