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Mudslides bury Montecito and leave 17 dead

Officials warned residents in mandatory evacuation zones for the Montecito and Summerland mudslides that rescue and repair efforts could take up to two weeks. … Water quality in the area served by the Montecito Water District was so severely compromised that residents were ordered to boil water before using it. The inability to supply potable water was a key factor that triggered the evacuation of the Westmont College campus. more

Westmont takes on global leadership training

Westmont’s Global Leadership Center partnered with local institutes and donors to provide funds for a brand new dorm and brand new educational programs — not only for students, but also for business leaders in the area. The Santa Barbara-based undergraduate college raised a total of $155 million for the construction of the dorm and also endowments, scholarships and programmatic costs, or what will go on inside the building. more

McChrystal talks technology, globalization at Westmont

Technology is changing life on the battlefield and the American workplace, retired four-star Army Gen. Stan McChrystal told 700 people in a speech at the Westmont President’s Breakfast. “Most of the manufacturing jobs we’ve lost have been from robotics, not foreign labor,” McChrystal said. “Technology has changed how we work.” more

Faith-based colleges in Tri-Counties could lose funding

Religious-based colleges across the Tri-Counties stand to lose state funding or be exposed to anti-discrimination lawsuits if Senate Bill 1146 becomes law. SB 1146 went before the Assembly Appropriations Committee for review Aug. 3, preceding a vote before the session ends this month. … Between 13,000 and 16,000 students attending faith-based schools qualify for Cal Grants and could be prevented from enrolling if the bill moves forward, said Westmont College President Gayle Beebe in a letter sent to the Business Times on July 27. more

Mass shootings taking terrible toll in America

Two years ago it was Isla Vista. This year it is San Bernardino and Orlando. Mass shootings have become a way of life in America — and that is a tragedy. 17This year’s shootings have a particularly troubling twist: the targeting of LGBTQ victims in a nightclub by a young American-born Muslim who apparently was radicalized online.

It’s worth noting that the murder of UCLA professor and Westmont College alum William Klug by a former student might itself have become a mass killing but for the quick thinking of a professor who prevented the shooter from leaving a room. more

Newsmakers: Education

Santa Barbara residents Marshall Miller and Jennifer Markham Have joined the Westmont Foundation, which cultivates ties between Westmont and the community.

Newsmakers: Education

Martin Asher, former director of research and scholars programs at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has joined the Westmont Economics and Business Department as professor of economics.

Conservative columnist’s speech highlight of Westmont event

Street Smarts is giving our inaugural “great timing” medal to Westmont College for landing David Brooks as the keynote speaker at its March 4th President’s Breakfast at The Fess Parker: A DoubleTree by Hilton Resort. more

Winter’s legacy endures at Westmont College

Shortly after the Business Times was founded, we learned about David Winter and his work as president at Westmont College.

Over lunch at the Westmont campus, we were introduced to Westmont’s vision for its students as a liberal arts institution focused on Christian values and ethics.

Coincidentally, one of the first Business Times staff writers was a recent Westmont graduate, Laura Polland, who became our founding technology editor.

Through the years we followed Westmont’s progress in building a new campus, surviving the devastating fire that ripped through Montecito. And always Winder was a towering presence even after the sudden onset of a disease that gradually reduced his ability to see. Read More

Winter’s legacy endures at Westmont College

Shortly after the Business Times was founded, we learned about David Winter and his work as president at Westmont College. more

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