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President, Westmont College, Santa Barbara

President, Westmont College, Santa Barbara

Op/ed: Third-World infrastructure hampers Vietnam’s progress in fast-growth Asia

Former Westmont College professor David Newton is a Santa Barbara-based new venture consultant, author and adjunct professor with The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego and the Pepperdine MBA programs. more

Op/ed: Central planning still rules China’s economy

Former Westmont College professor David Newton is a new venture consultant, author and adjunct professor with The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego… more

Analysis: Region’s students take on less college debt than peers do

While the college debt crisis has been making national headlines in recent years, students who graduated from a California school are faring relatively well compared to their counterparts in other states. … There are two private nonprofit colleges in the region, California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks and Westmont College in Montecito. more


Powell urges sequester compromise at speech in SB

Saying that “you couldn’t run a 7-11 the way we are running the country,” former Secretary of State Colin Powell urged the White House and Congress to work together to end the budget cuts set to kick in at midnight on March 1. Speaking at Westmont College’s annual President’s Breakfast in Santa Barbara on Friday morning, Powell said that zealots “on the right wing and the left wing have seriously damaged” the nation’s political system. more

From billboards to board bags: Rareform recycles signs into surf gear

A Ventura County startup is turning old billboards that would otherwise be headed to landfills into snazzy surfboard bags. Rareform launched its products a few weeks ago, but the idea has been brewing for much longer. After Alec Avedissian graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, he traveled to El Salvador. While there, he noticed people along the coast putting the vinyl from discarded billboards to a creative new use: roofing material. more

Gates: ‘Compromise has become a dirty word’

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered a ringing endorsement to California’s citizen-led redistricting effort, saying in a March 2 speech in Santa Barbara that extreme forces on the political left and right must learn to compromise if America is going to get its fiscal house in order. “We have the power and the means to overcome” the economic and security challenges of the 21st century, Gates told about 700 business and community leaders at the annual Westmont College President’s Breakfast. more

A peek into the future: Super-smart devices that blend into your life seamlessly

Cyber-technologists have long anticipated an era when individuals manage every aspect of their information through userfriendly, interactive “lifestyle” devices that merge seamlessly into our everyday lives. The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show made a strong case that such an era is upon us, if not already in place. … David Newton is a professor of business and entrepreneurship at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. more

There’s Meritt in his work: Serial entrepreneur takes students under his wing

Over the past decade, he’s perfected what he calls the Meritt Model, his method of selecting ideas with a broad market appeal and then using contract manufacturing to move hundreds of thousands of units — all with minimal capital upfront. more

Affinity downsizes, puts HQ up for sale

Affinity Group, once a major employer in Ventura, has made layoffs and restructured, putting its massive ocean-view headquarters campus up for sale for $9.7 million. more