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Santa Barbara to pick new poet laureate today

In preparation for National Poetry Month, the Santa Barbara City Council is poised to appoint Paul J. Willis as the city’s new Poet Laureate. more

Condoleezza Rice in Westmont talk warns against ‘peril in Mexico, Afghanistan and the Middle East

In a speech that was otherwise laminated with general optimism and enthusiasm, Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice warned yesterday that the drug cartels in Mexico represent a security threat of “enormous proportions” to Americans. more

UCTV coming to Santa Barbara

After years of work, UCSB is getting a channel of its own. more

Santa Barbara Athletes of the Week

The Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table was given a heap of kudos by a very influential person in the community on Monday, when Santa Barbara School District Superintendent Brian Sarvis stopped by Harry’s for the weekly press luncheon. more

Santa Barbara Symphony kicks off this weekend

The Santa Barbara Symphony embarks on its 2010-11 season this weekend with performances of Beethoven’s “Consecration of the House” Overture and Ninth Symphony at the Granada…The concert will feature four guest soloists, Elise Quagliata, Bryan Griffin, Jason Grant, and Music Academy of the West Alumna Susanna Phillips. They will be accompanied by the Santa Barbara Choral Society, Westmont College Choir and Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces under the direction of JoAnne Wasserman. more

Santa Barbara’s bilingual school Adelante celebrates new era; former Cesar Chavez Charter starts over

Dozens packed the dual-language school for “Back to School” night, a celebration of the school’s road back from the brink of closure. A few months ago, no one was sure if this day would ever come. Consistently poor test scores nearly doomed the school, which aims to develop bi-literate, bilingual, multi-cultural students…“The kids were asking tough questions,” said fourth-grade teacher Hilary Dimitruk, a Westmont graduate. more

Westmont hosts free star-gazing session

A clear view of Saturn and a first-quarter moon are among the glittering attractions that Westmont College officials hope to offer to the public during a free public viewing at the campus observatory tomorrow evening. Using the recently installed Keck Telescope, one of the most powerful telescopes in the region, participants will search out globular clusters, galaxy groups and double stars. While free viewings are offered every third Friday of the month, students and faculty typically use the 24-inch reflector telescope to conduct astronomical research. more

Westmont to host pro scout baseball games

Two baseball games organized by a trio Major League Baseball scouts will be held Sunday at Westmont College’s Russ Carr Field, school officials announced. more

Westmont launches iPhone app

Westmont College is the latest institution to tackle a technological trend — crafting a free iPhone and iPod Touch application that offers updated information about the college and events on campus. In addition to offering news stories and accessing various campus calendars, the app includes a campus map, a directory, dining menus, emergency information and a tracking system that pinpoints the location of college shuttles. more

Professor to give free lecture on organ trafficking

Westmont philosophy professor Mark Nelson will give a free public lecture in downtown Santa Barbara on April 8 titled “The Morality of Organ Trafficking.” The lecture will touch on the ethical issues of justice, beneficence and commoditization that surround the idea of offering money for organs. more