The Power of Disclosure

After 127 debates, 70 speeches and 179 judging assignments, the finals of Westmont’s 6th Annual Expressions Speech and Debate Tournament came to a close March 5 with victories by sophomore Josh Cox for the debates, freshman Brad Wiegel for persuasive speaking and junior Clark Morgan for interpretive speaking.

Cox argued the negative position on the issue of government torture to obtain information for terrorist acts. Brad Wiegel delivered an original speech entitled “A New Plan for the Iraq Conflict” and Clark Morgan delivered his rendition of Clarence Darrow’s “In Defense of Henry Sweet.” Runner-up finalists included Grace Chisholm, Bret Johnson and Emily Hughes.

Every year an anonymous donor gives $15,000 to the college specifically for the Expressions Tournament to encourage students to learn the art of communication with passion and civility. The championship winners received awards of $500 each.

Judges of the tournament include faculty, staff and alumni of the college. They judge based on the student’s ability to support his/her side of the topic, to clearly persuade an audience and to effectively interpret a historical speech. Ten percent of the student body participates and no experience is required.

For more information, contact Michael Giuliano, tournament director and communication studies professor, at (805) 565-6138 or the Westmont public affairs office at 565-6051.