Surfer Shaun Tomson Unveils Students’ ‘Life Code’

"I Will..." by Jacob Grant '18

“I Will…” by Jacob Grant ’18

Professional surfer Shaun Tomson’s work to equip Westmont students with tools to overcome challenges will be unveiled in a piece of artwork created by Westmont alumnus Jacob Grant ’18 on Tuesday, April 23, at 12:30 p.m. in Westmont’s Kerr Student Center. The artwork stems from a February workshop, “Write the Code for Your Life?” where Tomson shared stories of life, loss, surfing and success. He challenged the 80 students to write 12 simple statements, beginning with “I will” and followed by aspirations for their future.

Grant gathered these statements and inscribed them onto an oversized chalkboard.

Shaun Tomson with Westmont students in February

Shaun Tomson with Westmont students in February

Paul Bradford, Westmont’s director of career development and calling, and Campus Pastor Scott Lisea asked Tomson to share his “Code” method with students. Both Lisea and Bradford are surfers who resonated with Tomson’s work with thousands of students from across the globe.

“We were stoked to have Shaun on campus because of his work with students and corporations from around the world as well as serving as one of surfing’s greatest ambassadors,” Bradford says. “His workshop engaged students vocalize the things they value most, and Jacob Grant’s work captures the collective essence of what our students value.”

Tomson and Grant will jointly unveil the piece and mingle with students as they read and reflect on Grant’s work.