Students Explain Summer Research Projects

Kyle Hansen '19 explains his summer research

Kyle Hansen ’19 explains his summer research

More than 30 Westmont students who worked on 17 research projects last summer will explain their findings on Friday, Oct. 11, from 3:30-5 p.m. in the Winter Hall Atrium. The Celebration of Summer Research, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, is free and open to the public.

This year’s symposium includes a wide array of research projects including “Steps Towards Photocatalytic Destruction of a Difficult Pollutant,” “Improved synthesis of functional Pt square precursors,” “It’s About Time You Got Some Sleep!” “ How does ligand environment influence the 8-effect of transition metals,” “Digging a Well: An Exploration into Human Limits and Tools that Expand Them” and “Does Your Baby Have Moves Like Jagger? The Computer Can Tell You.”

Student researchers include Tabitha Roffelsen, Taylor Cheung-Damonte, Nathanael Ruble, Marissa Condie, Zachary Moreau, Court Shepard, Brandon Norris, Brianna Gilman, Chisondi Warjoba, Winston Gee, Alexa Spandrio, Amelia McGowan, Jackie George, Jennifer Ikeda, Zion Shih,  Jonathan Lee, Madison Foster, Nathan Young, Michael Oldach, Mohan Singh, Grace Schonfeld, Amber Gray, Alyssa Avila, Edwin Wertz, Festo Muhire, Madison Foster, Thanh Do, Yi-Fan Lu, Kaylee Yoon, Ryan Klienberg, Isaiah Chu, Gavin Holosen and Kelsey Feustel in fields of kinesiology, computer science, biology, chemistry, and psychology.