Talk Explores ‘Mindset to Endure’ COVID-19

Dr. Eric Nelson

Dr. Eric Nelson

Dr. Eric Nelson, director of Counseling and Psychological Services, will share lessons from the pandemic’s unique impact on emotional health in a free, online lecture, “Stress, Loss and Uncertainty Amidst COVID-19: Cultivating a Mindset to Endure Prolonged Global Distress,” on Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 5:30 p.m. at

The Westmont Foundation sponsors the Westmont Downtown Lecture Series, which helps build connections between Westmont and the greater Santa Barbara community.

“Through a review of how the Western world systemically responds to pain and suffering, I will present a possible framework for coping with the uncertainties of COVID-19,” Nelson says.

A licensed clinical psychologist, Nelson came to Westmont in 2015. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara and earned a Master of Theology and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller Seminary.

His clinical training included a residency and fellowship at the University of Oklahoma. He also gained clinical experience in the Veterans Affairs Medical System and on the counseling staff at Pepperdine University.