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Thursday – Entrepreneurs in Action

Eva writes: Ermelia’s kerosene stand launched yesterday! Today Rick, my translator, and I walked the mile or so from the church to where her stand is set up in a small market by the airport to check on her. When we showed up, her daughter was out at the stand, so we went to her […]

Monday – Ready Set Go!

Conner writes: Well, I can officially say I was pretty terrified when I woke up this morning. Today was the day that I officially met my entrepreneur, and I was honestly very worried that it would be difficult to connect with him. Since we were launching similar businesses, Trae and I shared a translator. When […]

Sunday – Worship

Whitney writes: What a day of rejoicing in the LORD! We got to take part in two church services today and it was such a blessing to enjoy. Haitians love to sing! I was encouraged by how many people came up to the front of the church to share a special song. They sing boldly […]

Saturday – Traveling Back to Westmont

Friday morning we woke up, prayed for the long day ahead of us, and set out to complete our last day of working with the six businesses. This morning was exciting and a little sad. Seeing the businesses begin to take their places in Port De Paix’s market while having to say goodbye to our […]

Friday – Saying Goodbye

This morning we went to see our entrepreneurs for the last time. Right when we got there, Edna our entrepreneur, had her food stand all set up with a nice shelter and some fresh produce. Kami and I were so impressed and proud of the way she had taken full advantage of her loan and […]


Today, if you can believe it, might have been the most tiring day yet. I’m sure things will only get crazier from here. Yesterday our entrepreneur signed the contract for his loan. It was about as much to him as four years of student loans is to a Westmont student like me. But let me […]