Changes of Plans

This morning at 9 am, Bradford and I met with Raynel Ilberard (our entrepreneur) to finalize his food stand. He was not able to start on Tuesday because he first needed to fix and secure his door. As we started off the day with Bonjours things went down hill quickly. The past few days Bradford and I thought Raynel was going to be running a retail store but we have now learned that he desires to operate a wholesale business instead. This unexpected change caused us to re-think the original plan and re-adjust our financial projections. In some ways, we now feel that we are stuck with a new business idea for which we have no preparation.

So with ease and patience Bradford and I quickly went to Handson and Professor Ifland to ask for more money and to tell them about the change of plans. They were quick to say if Raynel wants to do a wholesale food business he cannot be given a large sum of money; because of previous years people mishandled the money they were given. They both addressed first, he will have to prove that he is capable of running a wholesale business and that his sales volume will be sufficiently high enough to be given access to more funds. So the proposal was for him to start of with two of everything and start selling those first. When Raynel could show that he is capable of selling the two items he is given the church will then be willing to increase the volume of the items he wishes to sell. In the meantime Rick and Handson also proposed an example of how he can sell one bag wholesale and use the other bag as retail and do a hybrid. This quickly turned into a change of pace and attitude by Raynel that if he were not given the funds to do wholesale he would rather just quit. Now we were stuck with either making him do retail/wholesale or for him to quit. With a few conversations back and forth between rick, handson, and Raynel, Raynel decided that he would not pursue his business venture. He gave his money back and we were told to end things on a good note.

As Bradford and I were talking with raynel and alix, we showed our appreciation that he made it this far and that we were proud of him no matter what. We told him that it was not that the church didn’t trust him to receive 5 bags of everything, but that it would not be fair for others and he also needed to build credibility. We showed disappointment not in him, but that we could not work things out. We then asked him one last time are you sure you want to quit? And followed up with that he would get two of everything and that if he did well he could quickly get five items of everything.

All of a Sudden, Raynel said if I can get two of everything sure I would pursue it. He thought the whole time he was only getting two bags of rice. He also saw how sad we were and felt that he was letting us down so he decided to take on the challenge of only starting off with two items. Raynel showed courage and God was working with us the whole time. Yes it was slow and all of a sudden, but God was faithful to us the whole time. To make things more exciting Raynel decided to take on the challenge fourteen minutes before the whole group had to leave to go see the voodoo tree. We ended on an agreement to give his business venture a try. This time we were more motivated and energized, and we also knew that God was working in all of us during this whole time. It was rushed, chaotic, messy, and last minute, but God was orchestrating his plan throughout this process. Thanks be to God.

– Eric Byun

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