Sunday – Worship

Whitney writes:

What a day of rejoicing in the LORD! We got to take part in two church services today and it was such a blessing to enjoy. Haitians love to sing! I was encouraged by how many people came up to the front of the church to share a special song. They sing boldly and joyfully, delighting themselves in LORD. One very special moment was during the evening worship gathering when the band started playing a very upbeat song. The congregation began swaying their hips and waving their arms, which turned into jumping and twisting, and before I knew it the whole front area of the church was filled with people dancing for joy! I had the sweet privilege of having a precious little girl as my dancing partner. We shimmied and hopped, grinning enthusiastically. As this all took place, I had the wonderful thought that this moment was a small glimpse of what the Kingdom of God will be like; the body of Christ dancing with unhindered excitement in the uncovered presence of our Good Father.

Another incredible memory-making moment was swimming in the BEAUTIFULLY blue ocean right off the coast. After quite a few price negotiations¾shout out to Trae for staying strong and sealing a deal¾some strong Haitians paddled us out into the ocean and let us dive into the water. Floating in the warm, clear water, being surrounded by incredible people, and getting to gaze along the beach was blissful. God has certainly created a gorgeous world!

God has not forgotten His people in Haiti. Looking around the church today, I got to admire the unique beauty He has created each of His children with. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I had today to meet some of His beloved, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more people here as the week ensues.

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