Get Involved

The Westmont Dining Garden Project depends on people like you to help support it and make it useful to the community. Here are a few ways to get involved. Please contact for more information.

Become an Intern: Get college credit, learn some very applicable skills, all while getting valuable Vitamin D and connecting with your environment!

Volunteer: Come to our weekly Volunteer Days. Each Friday from 3pm-5pm, while classes are in session, we will be in one of the gardens (exact location will be posted the day of, on our Facebook page). During these Volunteer Days we will be doing whatever needs doing; harvesting, planting, weeding, turning composting, seed collecting and having grand conversations.

Fridays don’t work with your schedule? Shoot us an email and we will find a time that works for you:

Donate: Here are some materials that we could make use of either new or used:

  • Seeds!
  • Organic COMPOST!
  • Med/Large Terracotta pots
  • A Sun Umbrella or Shade Sail
  • Hand Tools
  • Digging forks
  • Pitch forks
  • Shovels
  • Cultivation tools
  • A Green House
  • Native or perennial, pollinator friendly plants
  • Organic fertilizers (Feather Meal, Kelp Meal, Blood Meal, etc)
  • Gloves
  • Seed Starting mix/ Fine Potting Soil